When Tom Brady Took an 11-day Training Camp Break From Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When Tom Brady Took an 11-day Training Camp Break From Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Todd Kirkland

In a rather unusual turn of events, Tom Brady unexpectedly went on an 11-day hiatus from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during their training camp in August 2022. This departure raised eyebrows, especially given Brady's well-known reputation for meticulous preparation and unwavering dedication to his routines before every season.

According to Sports Net, Tom Brady returned to training camp five days after concluding his scheduled 11-day break. During his sole drive, he efficiently completed 6 out of 8 passes for a total of 44 yards in the no-huddle offense, ultimately guiding the Buccaneers to a field goal. However, despite his efforts, the Indianapolis Colts' backups staged a comeback and secured a 27-10 victory.

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Cover Image Source: GettyImages/Scott Eisen
 Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Scott Eisen


According to a report from U.S. News, Tom Brady received permission to be absent from training camp on Thursday. This marked the initial day of what Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles described as a scheduled 11-day leave from the team for personal reasons. Bowles clarified that this absence from practice had been coordinated prior to the start of training camp. He also noted that Brady was expected to rejoin the team only after the Buccaneers' preseason game in Tennessee on August 20, 2022. 

"Tom has been excused today... He’s going to deal with some personal things. This is something we talked about before training camp started. We allotted this time because he wanted to get in and get chemistry with the guys with two weeks of training camp, knowing he wasn’t going to play the first two (preseason) games," Bowles made this statement following the conclusion of two days of controlled scrimmages between the Buccaneers and the Miami Dolphins at the time.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Todd Kirkland
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Todd Kirkland

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According to Sports Keeda, upon his return from the 11-day break, Brady faced inquiries from the media regarding his absence. In response, he offered a somewhat cryptic reply: "It’s all personal.. everyone’s got different situations they’re dealing with. We all have really unique challenges in our lives. I’m 45 years old, man. There’s a lot of s**t going on." Although Tom Brady didn't elaborate much on the matter back then, recent insights are shedding light on the reason behind his break from the Buccaneers.

As per NFL insider Ian Rapoport, Brady's hiatus was actually a commitment he had made to his wife at the time, Gisele Bundchen, during his retirement. It marked their first family vacation in 20 years. Rapoport clarified that the Buccaneers wholeheartedly endorsed Brady's request. Tampa Bay not only honored his need for time off but also ensured that he was completely undisturbed throughout the entire period.

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