Watch Nasty Brawl Between Fans That Disrupted Chicago White Sox Baseball Game

Watch Nasty Brawl Between Fans That Disrupted Chicago White Sox Baseball Game
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @barstoolsports

A Chicago White Sox game ended with a vicious brawl among the spectators on April 15, even though the Chicago White Sox defeated the Baltimore Orioles by 7-6. An altercation between the male and female fans escalated to an extent that security had to get involved.

According to Daily Mail, the fight originated between two female spectators but ended up involving many fans present, with one punching people on both sides of the aisle. During the mob fight, an enthusiastic woman onlooker wearing cargo pants stood on a chair at one point, as the brawl continued below, provoking another patron before being leveled with a bottle right in the temple. Undeterred, she attempted to get her offender but stumbled and fell sideways in a moment that amused an already-entertained crowd.   



Ironically, the brawl broke out while Crime Mob’s 2004 hip-hop hit "Knuck if You Buck" played in the stadium, the lyrics to which include "Punch 'em dead up in his nose," "And stomp his a** down to the flo," and "I think it’s time I knuck you." 

Fans on Twitter thought it was hilarious that the song was played while the fight occurred, Meaww reports. They even went to the extent of labeling the whole incident as 'scripted'. @nchsrgo tweeted: "fight between fans at the white sox game broke out to knuck if you buck as if it was scripted."


@JessicaMarie_ tweeted: "Multi-fight happening right after “knuck if you buck” played at the White Sox VS Orioles game in Chicago Woldstaarr."


While @HanshinLiger said: "A fight in the crowd and an extra innings walk off... If that’s not White Sox baseball idk what is." 


Most of the fans seemed excited to have witnessed the incident during the game, with @keevkidd writing: "Went to my first Chicago White Sox game today. They got a dub, a fight broke out, and they played knuck if you buck during fight. I might just get season tickets now." 


Politics reporter Brenden Moore tweeted: "I’m a couple sections over. It was insane. Many punches thrown. Best basebrawl I’ve seen in the stands at Sox Park in a long time."


Many of the onlookers and fans of the game were also appalled with the security arrangements at the Chicago White Sox game on Saturday. Some complained and others expressed their horrified opinion. @kkovo1954 wrote: "Great security at #WhiteSox game! Were they all in break?"


A disappointed fan @hooperfsu wrote: "Those people and Sox security should be embarrassed. I was in the section and they all looked fine afterwards, hope they don’t get in a fight with someone else. Sox security should be re-trained or replaced. Thanks for wasting time in the 9th of a great game. Go Sox!"



It is unclear what consequences followed; both penalty and injury were incurred by those involved. So far no arrests have been made. 

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