Customers Are Buying This Tiny Home for $10,000 from Walmart, With a 'One Time Fee'

Customers Are Buying This Tiny Home for $10,000 from Walmart, With a 'One Time Fee'
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Walmart continues to impress as its newest scheme for customers included owning a tiny home for a price of $10K with a required mandatory one-time payment, reports The Sun. The newest launch has customers swooning with joy upon hearing about the scheme. Not only does this tiny home curb a financial crunch, but it's incredibly sustainable.

Image Credit: Handy Home Products
Image Source: Handy Home Products


The home can be customized according to one's personal preferences and its kit is priced as low as $3,300. Walmart even offers free delivery on these kits. These homes may be petite but can certainly be transformed into a modern pieces of art with the right skill and a good instinct for interior design. Improvisations from the kits provided can channel a good sense of creativity.

Image Credit: | Judy Dutton
Image Source: | Judy Dutton


According to Judy Dutton, an executive editor, "Going tiny may sound fun and can save a ton of money, but you must make sure your structure is safe." Dutton emphasizes the upside of having a budget-friendly home but advises practicing extreme caution when owning one. Her primary concern is the safety of the people residing within the petite structure.

She also mentions how vital it is to ensure that prior to making it a forever home, one must always ensure important safety features of the structure. Dutton also elaborated on the importance of having a good foundation for the home to be built upon. Even though building a firm foundation for owners of this petite slice of luxury may be rather costly, she suggested a budget-friendly alternative.

Image Credit: Justin Sullivan
Image Source: Justin Sullivan


A trailer - the perfect amalgamation of a mobile home that won't burn a hole in your pocket. This particular one would cost approximately $2,500 and is practically perfect to modify a tiny house. "A tiny house on a trailer, on the other hand, can be built pretty much however you want," said Dutton as she laid emphasis on the positives of building a tiny home on a trailer.

However, there are several safety standards one must adhere to in consideration of the said alternative. Dutton suggests following appropriate safety standards that are set for trailers known as the 'ANSI A119.5 safety standard'. "This not only insures against potential hazards such as electrical fires but may be required to park in many tiny home communities and RV parks," added Dutton in addition to the safety standard for RVs.

Image Credit: Getty Images | Matt Cardy
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Matt Cardy


While the intention behind owning a tiny home is to primarily avoid spending heaps of money on a single structure, Dutton urges fellow owners to avoid cutting costs on vital resources. Power, water, a good garbage recycling unit, food, and other such resources must be taken into consideration while opting for a mobile home as a majority of tiny homes are incompatible with such facilities. A good location with access to the said resources is mandatory. A major positive, however, is that these tiny homes can be put up anywhere that has proper authoritative permission. Beaches, parks, and even Walmart's premises have areas that facilitate tiny homes.

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