Vivek Ramaswamy's Ex-Employees Call Him 'Neurotic' Leader: “Thinks People Are Put on Earth to Serve Him”

Vivek Ramaswamy's Ex-Employees Call Him 'Neurotic' Leader: “Thinks People Are Put on Earth to Serve Him”
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The Indian-origin United States presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has annoyed some of his former staff. The multi-millionaire left a bitter taste in his ex-employees' minds as they remembered him as a "neurotic, mercurial, and paranoid leader." He's been making headlines since announcing his run for America's next president.

Image Source: Getty Images | 	Anna Moneymaker
Image Source: Getty Images | Anna Moneymaker

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The 38-year-old young 'presidential aspirant' declared his candidature for the Republican nomination despite being far behind former president Donald J. Trump, reported MSN. However, his zeal, fiery speeches, and bold statements carried weight to his claims of becoming the next US President.

Even though he couldn't match Trump on the list of GOP candidates, he is known to be a self-proclaimed truth-teller, an ace debater, and a man who can 'handle the heat.' However, his former employees do not see eye-to-eye with Ramaswamy. Rather, they have a sour memory of their ex-boss along the lines of being "neurotic," as per the reports on Business Insider. 

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A person who worked closely with the former biotech executive reportedly alleged, "He (Vivek) thinks people are put on this earth to serve him." The reports further claimed he would insist his employees follow a bizarre laundry list of rules and procedures to suit his needs.

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Another peculiar habit of Ramaswamy that irked his people was his fixation with temperatures. As per the Insider's reports, his former staff revealed the presidential hopeful couldn't stand the heat. He dictated that the office thermostats at Roivant and Strive be set to 64 degrees or below. This, of course, caused inconvenience to other staff members.


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Some of them reported that the workspace became bitterly cold, which led to people using space heaters at their desks to maintain balance. Some also wore their Roivant-branded Patagonia fleeces to survive the freezing temperature. In another report, they claimed that long before he decided to run for president, he had been overconcerned about his safety, so he hired a former Army Ranger as his security guard.

Another former staff member recalled that the "ex-Ranger would regularly sweep the Strive offices for security threats." At one point, the news claimed that right before he began his presidential campaign, he employed three army rangers who would rush to the hotel room to ensure the "desired" temperatures before his entry.



However, Ramaswamy's spokesperson, Tricia McLaughlin, defended that security was non-negotiable since the entrepreneur and his family received death threats. On the contrary, other staff members described him as intense, smart, energetic, and a consummate salesman.

And rightly so, because he was barely 28 when he founded his pharmaceutical company, Roivant, despite no prior experience in the field. His workers compared the company's working environment to a fast-paced tech startup. Some other ex-employees cited the fact that he believed in the same dedication and commitment from his staff as himself.



Two employees recalled that when their colleague asked for an "early summer Friday," Ramaswamy flew into a rage. "He lost his cool completely and went off on a rant about summer Fridays and how dare anyone ask about that," one former employee reported. According to the report, his spokesperson, McLaughlin, defended, "Vivek doesn't believe that people are put on this earth to serve him, but that they are supposed to serve whatever mission they've signed up for." 

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