Dwight Howard's Epic Troll of Ex-Teammate LeBron James Sends Social Media Into a Frenzy Following Lakers' Loss

Dwight Howard's Epic Troll of Ex-Teammate LeBron James Sends Social Media Into a Frenzy Following Lakers' Loss
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Dwight Howard trolled his former team member LeBron James and sent his social media followers into a frenzy following the Laker's loss in a recent game, reported Marca.

The basketball sensation recently took to Instagram as he trolled the legendary player LeBron James after the Lakers underwent a staggering loss against the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference finals with a disgracing score of 4-0.

Image Source: Getty Images/Elsa
Image Source: Getty Images/Elsa


The video observed Howard on a pretend phone call taunting James like his usual videos featuring the 8-time NBA All-Star winner of the league trolling the high-profile players who've had a history of resounding victories scathed by a disappointing defeat. He then invites these defeated players to partake in the Taiwanese League for Basketball. His most recent troll victim James is considering retirement from the game after the deafening loss.

In the video, Howard says, "We got purple and gold jerseys, I got one right here, right now, it's white. We got purple and gold though. Nobody got No.6, you can have that. You've been playing in the league for 35 years, bro, everywhere." "You LeGoat. You can be the LeGM over here, LeCoach, you can be LeTrainer, you can be LeCook, LeDriver," said the NBA player with glee and friendly banter.



Although the tone may seem rather offensive to listeners, sources confirm that it's just good fun between the two. The former teammates go way back and have even spent time together during Howard' last year before he departed from the Lakers for the next step of his professional basketball career, playing at the Taoyuan Leopards.

In another video that surfaced, Howard appeared to be in the middle of an interview with TVB News, where he talked about the Lakers emphasizing their skill in the game while also talking about how there are other teams who are the "cream of the crop" and that although they may, like most teams, undergo loss, they will rise back up again. He then mimics a similar ordeal in which he takes out his cell phone and fake dials LeBron James asking him to "come on down." To sweeten the deal, he mentions how the Taiwanese league has all the championships and then brings up Anthony Davis and other players into the fun mix of things.



Regardless of the harmless trolling and banter that he directs at his former team members, the basketball legend is an incredible inspiration to all his fans. Howard recently posted a reel encouraging everyone who is moving onto the next phase of life in his caption. He urges his followers to let go of all the negativity in the past and focus on the positive vibes of the future. "Look forward to who you will become," he said, igniting a spark of motivation.

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