When Tom Brady Felt Let Down by Robert Kraft for Accepting the $1 Million Dollar 'Deflategate' Fine

When Tom Brady Felt Let Down by Robert Kraft for Accepting the $1 Million Dollar 'Deflategate' Fine
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Tom Brady suffered the highest fine of $1 million in the history of the NFL back in 2015, slammed by Roger Goodell. It was the roughest patch of Brady's legendary career when he was handed a four-game suspension for what is now known as "Deflategate." And naturally, the football ace felt he had "no support" after Robert Kraft quietly accepted the fine and didn't bother to battle the decision. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Patrick Smith
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Patrick Smith

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The American billionaire and the owner of the New England Patriots football team accepted the terms of the punishment when he could have called for a battle. Kraft's decision to choose the first option left Brady furious at the decision, reported The Sports Crush

During the 2014-15 AFC Conference Championship Game, the Patriots won a massive blowout against the Indianapolis Colts. The Super Bowl was fast approaching, and it was expected of them to prepare for it. However, the reports alleged that the Patriots had tampered with the game balls and had underinflated them. 

Brady's fallout that day and his legal battle with NFL were best recounted in Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge's book, Tom Brady and His Battle for Redemption. The book title perfectly depicts the behind-the-scenes of Brady's fight to keep his reputation in the NFL intact. 


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The book and its title perfectly represent the "war" situation between Brady and NFL Commissioner Goodell, providing insider quotes and narrations otherwise hidden from the mainstream media. One of the instances in the book is about Goodell and Kraft's reaction to the news. 

After Goodell's initial gut punch to the Patriots, speculations were rife about how Kraft would take the news since the NFL commissioner and Kraft were good friends. The decision was likely to cause a permanent dent in their relationship. However, Kraft cleared his stance during the 2015 owner's meeting. 

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As per the book, he said, "I have two options. I can either end it or extend it. So in that spirit, I don't want to continue the rhetoric that's gone on for the last four months. I am going to accept, reluctantly, what [Goodell] has given us, and not continue this dialogue and rhetoric, and we won't appeal." 

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The book suggests that this didn't go well with Brady. He immediately dialed the executive director of the NFLPA, DeMaurice Smith, and exclaimed, "What the f**k? Why am I not getting the support I deserve on this thing?" 

Smith cooled him down and said, "No matter what Kraft says; it has no bearing on our appeal of the four-game suspension. We'll be ready for that. Trust me." Although Brady eventually won his appeal against the suspension, his suspension was reinstated the next year. He fought the case once again, but it was reportedly entirely "out of his hands." 

Brady's legacy couldn't be overshadowed by a case with NFL. He returned on the field, setting a record for the highest touchdown to interception ratio at 28-2 (14-1). Brady also nearly won league MVP and knocked off the MVP quarterback in the Super Bowl while leading the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

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It seems the former NFL star hasn't carried any of the baggage from the past. Recently at Michael Rubin's White Party, he was seen smiling and posing with Patriots owner, Kraft, as per New York Post. They indeed had a good reunion. 

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