Taylor Swift's Record-Breaking Eras Tour Is Likely to Boost Her Net Worth to Her First Billion Dollars

Taylor Swift's Record-Breaking Eras Tour Is Likely to Boost Her Net Worth to Her First Billion Dollars
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Taylor Swift, the 33-year-old pop sensation, may earn her first billion dollars as the tickets to her Eras Tour skyrocket. Swift's music tour has been continuously breaking records for selling the most tickets in a single day. In fact, her first 22 performances crossed over $300 million. Swift's fans are now curious to know the exact amount she would amass at the end of the tour.

Pollstar, a trade publication dedicated to the touring industry, released a mid-year report on Monday, June 26, 2023. The report stated that her show is the highest-grossing tour in North America and around the world from November 17, 2022, to May 17, 2023.

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Forbes estimated that Swift's performances so far grossed nearly $110 million. This lump sum amount, however, is not entirely hers. She would still have to pay taxes and other expenses to her manager, publicist and agent. Swift has also hired the concert promoter Messina Touring Group and paid them the production costs. It is still likely, though, that there will be an "unexpectedly" handsome amount left behind for the pop queen.

Swift's tour opened in the stadium that housed the Super Bowl over a month back. The two back-to-back performances broke all records in ticket sales. The singer broke records with her 52-date tour till March, and with growing popularity, she has added more dates recently. The coming dates for her tour are expected to attract over 150,000 people, which is significantly more than the 68,000 who attended the 2023 Super Bowl. Her recent tour dates will take her to 106 shows worldwide which could see her gross $1 billion in revenue, reported Daily Mail. 


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Regarding her net worth, Swift is competing with the current record holder for the highest-grossing concert tour, Elton John. His epic five-year Farewell Yellow Brick Road world tour raked in more than $887 million, beating the previous record made by Ed Sheeran from Divide Tour that took place from 2017 to 2019 and amassed $776 million. 

Although the total gross profit from the Eras Tour cannot be calculated until the tour concludes, the Bad Blood singer will wind up in the United States to head to Central and South America. The 2024 performances will take place in the far east and Australia before she takes on Europe. 

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The estimates so far suggest that Swift will make more money than any female singer ever made by the end of her tour. Forbes' calculation predicts that the Enchanted Singer will make at least $570 million. Last month, Super Bowl's economic impact was over $600 million in total. These figures include the portion of Ticketmaster, a platform Swift used to sell her tickets.  



CBS Boston released a video clip in which their analysts predicted that Eras Tour could make Swift a billionaire. And if any of these predictions turn true, she will break Madonna's record, who is the only female singer to amass $407 million from the Sticky & Sweet tour that ran between 2008 and 2009. 

In November, Ticketmaster apologized to Swift and her fans after catastrophic pre-sales of her tour tickets. They cited "massive demands and bot attacks" as the reason why Swifties found it impossible to get hold of the tickets. Swift, in response, said that she had been assured the company could handle it and that it really angered her that many of her fans felt like "they went through several bear attacks" to get the tickets. 

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