Taylor Swift's Fan Lists Contact Lens Used to Watch Eras Concert for $10,000, Gets Backlash

Taylor Swift's Fan Lists Contact Lens Used to Watch Eras Concert for $10,000,  Gets Backlash
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A Taylor Swift fan recently put up for sale a used pair of contact lenses, the ones they used to watch the pop idol's 'Eras' Tour concert for a grand total of $10,000 online, earning massive backlash, as reported by the Daily Mail.

A 'Swiftie' reportedly crossed the boundary of absurdity after listing a used pair of contact lenses that were in a rather gross condition on the site 'Depop'. The tagline of the advertisement read: "Contacts that have seen Taylor Swift eras tour." The condition of these lenses was claimed by the seller to be 'Excellent.' Shortly after, the post was deleted from the website and the seller's profile later read: "LMAO it was a joke."




Although the listing was shortly taken down by the website, fans couldn't help but explicitly voice out their concerns on how they felt on seeing the ad and criticized the entire Swiftie fandom. The majority of comments were fueled with disgust and criticism. "Wouldn't be the first absurd thing the fandom has done," said a commenter. Another followed it up with, "Swifties, stop being desperate, desperate for money challenge." "Swifties seek help challenge," wrote another.

While these comments fiercely attacked the fandom, other comments seemingly questioned what the world has come to and some even thought of it as a good way to earn quick money. '"I mean business is business," said one, attaching the comment with an infamous meme of Donald Trump. Another said, "We love a businesswoman." The thread earned lots of ridicule.



The "Shake It Off" singer recently finished her show in Nashville, which was emotionally moving for the Grammy winner. During the performance of her song "Marjorie," the crowd paid homage to Swift's late grandmother in a heartwarming gesture by holding up photographs and flashing their phone torches in unison as a sign of love and respect, all the while vibing to the mellow tune. However, this too caused controversy among fans as they claimed that the people holding up the photographs had disrespected the artist and crossed the line of privacy.




The "Lover" singer pulled off a great show after she performed for one last night in Nashville even though it began to rain. The show definitely went on and fans stayed with her to the very end of the last song going in slightly late into the night, even though many of them had unpleasant experiences such as throwing up, passing out and more, due to the delay of the concert, reported Page Six.



The Grammy winner even shared a post on Instagram as she expressed her gratitude to the multitude of fans that encouraged her and stayed on in spite of the torrential rain. Since this was the first time the singer performed in the rain, she gleefully expressed the joy her entire Eras crew felt "jumping in puddles all night," as mentioned in her caption. "That was a late great night I won't forget," concluded the singer in deep gratitude.

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