'1000-Lb. Sisters' Fans Slam Tammy Slaton's Silly Habit of Doctoring Selfies Post Weight Loss and Divorce.

'1000-Lb. Sisters' Fans Slam Tammy Slaton's Silly Habit of Doctoring Selfies Post Weight Loss and Divorce.
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @queentammy86

Tammy Slaton, known for her appearance on the reality show 1000-Lb. Sisters, has been facing criticism from fans recently. The star shared several selfies on Instagram, but her followers couldn't help but notice a particular trend in her posts.

As mentioned by The U.S. Sun, Tammy can be seen wearing a turquoise top and posing in different settings. The first photo appears to be taken in a dimly lit room with the flash on, while the rest were captured against a brick wall on a sunny day. The 36-year-old sported a halterneck top with studded straps on the chest, complementing her dyed red hair styled in short curls. She also used a filter that enhanced her features, enlarging her eyes and lips and airbrushing her skin to remove blemishes with a lush pink blush on her cheeks.



However, it was this excessive use of filters that drew criticism from her fans. Some expressed their disapproval. Instagrammer @leeandvictoria said, "Filters make you look like a cartoon character.". Others emphasized that she didn't need to edit her photos, commenting that she was fine just the way she was. Some even remarked that the filters were dishonest and that they would like to see Tammy's real appearance. @keltec_kev__ said, "Stop using this filter you don't need it."



This backlash comes in the wake of earlier incidents that raised concerns about Tammy's commitment to her weight loss journey. In a recent sighting, she was seen catching her breath as she walked out of a gas station, struggling to reach her parked car just a few feet away.

Additionally, a source revealed that her brother, Chris Combs, had expressed doubts about her dedication to progress. He suggested that Tammy should seek the assistance of a physical therapist to improve her stamina while walking, implying that she needed to put in more effort.



Adding to her challenges, Tammy also went through a recent divorce from her husband Caleb Willingham. Reports suggested that the split was due to Caleb's failure to adhere to his diet in rehab, resulting in weight gain and a lack of commitment to his program. The couple had a significant argument about this issue, with Caleb initially expressing his desire for a divorce but later attempting to backtrack on his statement.



Despite these setbacks, Tammy seems to be moving on with her life. Rumors emerged that she has been secretly seeing TikToker Greg Morgan, whom she met on a dating app shortly after her split from Caleb.

Tammy Slaton's fans have made their opinions clear about her use of filters, voicing their concerns about the altered appearance they create. Meanwhile, her personal challenges including her weight loss journey and recent divorce, continue to unfold. As Tammy navigates these ups and downs, her fans hope to see her focus on her health and happiness, embracing her true self without the need for excessive editing or filters.

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