Tammy Slaton Stands Without Walker and Sister Amy Slaton Shows Off Her Dramatic Weight Loss

Tammy Slaton Stands Without Walker and Sister Amy Slaton Shows Off Her Dramatic Weight Loss
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @amyslaton_halterman

Tammy Slaton of 1000-lb. Sisters has hit a milestone in her incredible weight loss journey. The 36-year-old was seen standing without the help of a walker in the recent photographs that her sister, Amy Slaton posted on Instagram. Recently, the stars have been making headlines for their incredible her weight loss journey documented through new pictures. According to The U.S. Sun, Tammy and her sister Amy, 35, attended a comedy show on May 3 and shared a few pictures on Instagram. In one of the photographs, Amy and Tammy are seen grinning as they stand beside the comedian.

In the rest of the photographs, one can see Tammy experiencing the best time of her life. Tammy was glowing in the pictures as she stood on her own, withought the help of a walker. She was wearing a black long-sleeve shirt with a skeleton on the front as well as matching black pants and shoes, whereas Amy sported a pair of sheer wide-legged pants with a long black lacy tank top that really showed off her weight loss. "Had a blast last night. totally embarrassed myself but it was fun. Now to go pick up my boys.. can’t wait to see my new friends again we love y’all!!!" Amy Slaton captioned the carousel that captured one of the best nights that the sisters experienced with their friends.



In the comments, many fans praised the sister duo for how good they looked. "Seeing Tammy stand on her own is so heartwarming," one person wrote. "Tammy and Amy both look amazing now 👏 keep it up ❤️," another commenter wrote while yet another added, "Way to go Tammy !! No oxygen and walking on her own!!" A fan called it a “Big W” for their journey.

The weight loss journey that the Slaton sisters are embarking on is being constantly observed by fans. Thousands of people have been rooting for the 1000-lb. Sisters, cheering for them on the sidelines as they reach their desired weight. Tammy Slaton is also documenting every bit of their journey and is happy to share it with her supporters. 



The 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton recently shared impressive photos after her weight loss surgery. A recent carousel of photos that were uploaded captionless on Instagram attracted a host of praise and encouragement from her followers and the fans of the TLC show. Tammy lost nearly 300 pounds with the help of a good food regime and more recently had gastric bypass surgery. The drastic change comes after she spent time in a food rehab center, struggling to reach her goal weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. During the most recent episode of the TLC series, Tammy finally tipped the scale and was approved for the life-saving procedure. Fast forward to today, and it looks like things have paid off for the reality star.

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