Meri Brown from 'Sister Wives’ Joked She Was ‘The Other Woman’ With Kody and Robyn on Christmas Eve Last Year

Meri Brown from 'Sister Wives’ Joked She Was ‘The Other Woman’ With Kody and Robyn on Christmas Eve Last Year
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In the most recent installment of Sister Wives, Meri Brown candidly discussed her sentiments of being 'sidelined' while sharing moments with Kody Brown and Robyn Brown. This particular segment of the episode, which graced screens on Sunday, September 10, 2023, but had been recorded back in December 2022, revolved around a Christmas Eve gathering where Meri (52), Kody (54), and Robyn (44) were present. Despite this festive occasion, Meri's emotions and experiences took center stage as she grappled with her role and dynamics within this polygamous family, revealing a candid glimpse into the complex relationships that define the Brown family, per Us Weekly.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Marcel Thomas
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Marcel Thomas

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Kody himself acknowledged the tricky situation. 'It’s probably very awkward for Meri. This is mine and Robyn’s house... Robyn and I always have to tone down our romantic tension completely," he said during a confessional segment. This revelation shed light on the intricate dynamics within the plural marriage of the Browns. “I know that it’s different for Meri and Kody. Out of respect for her and out of love for her, I’m careful," Robyn said in her own confessional. 

As reported by People magazine, Kody, Meri, and Robyn opted to celebrate Christmas Eve at Meri's residence and planned to spend Christmas Day at Robyn's house. Given the strained dynamics within the family, the three of them collectively decided not to extend invitations to Janelle and her children, who were also in the vicinity.

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Excluding certain family members from the year's Christmas festivities was a challenging choice for Meri, as she perceived herself as being caught in the 'crossfire' of everyone's decisions. Even though Kody and Robyn made attempts to include her, Meri continued to experience a sense of displacement. She humorously commented, “Kody doesn’t hide things well and I’m well aware. It’s kind of like being the other woman." 

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Meri and Kody were legally wed from 1990 until 2014, maintaining a 'spiritual connection' for several years beyond that. Their tumultuous relationship has been a prominent feature of the Sister Wives series over time. During the season 17 finale, which aired in December 2022, Kody expressed, "I no longer wish to be in a relationship with [Meri]." Subsequently, in January, the pair issued a joint statement announcing their mutual decision to 'permanently end' their marriage. The former couple has a single child together, Leon, aged 28, who publicly disclosed their transgender identity in June 2022 and now prefers they/them pronouns.


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After Kody's split from Christine in November 2021, both Janelle and Meri also chose to end their marriages with him, leaving Robyn as the sole remaining wife in the plural marriage. This significant development has become a central theme in the 18th season of Sister Wives. The family dynamics and the emotional fallout resulting from these separations have taken center stage, offering viewers an intimate look at the complexities and challenges of plural marriage as they navigate this new chapter in their lives.

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