Sister Wives' Meri Brown Throws Shade at Ex Kody Months After Split in Instagram Post

Sister Wives' Meri Brown Throws Shade at Ex Kody Months After Split in Instagram Post
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @therealmeribrown

Sister Wives star Meri Brown reportedly threw some shade at her former lover and husband Kody Brown on her Instagram story for the first time since they split up earlier, reported The Sun.

Image Credit: Instagram | @therealmeribrown
Image Source: Instagram | @therealmeribrown


The reality television personality took to her story on Instagram as she posted a rather motivational quote. The highlighted text creatively read, "Never apologize for having high standards. People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them." The source for the said quote is unknown and speculations suggest that this was a direct savvy response to her former husband with whom she shared decades of history of raising a family together alongside three other wives in sweet matrimony.

However, while the whole ordeal was all sorts of trauma, Brown is on the road to re-discovering who she is without Kody. The quote insinuates her progress from her recent split and is a true source of inspiration for other people who are at similar crossroads in life. Although she still hasn't responded with regards to whom the quote was dedicated, followers speculate about it. 



The 52-year-old went on an adventurous trip to London for both personal and professional reasons just months after her split. She has visited several historic landmarks and scenic landscapes both at the heart of London and toward the rustic and humble countryside where she's enabled to cherish memories with a new atmosphere - a perfect location for her dreams.

Before her departure, Brown posted a picture of herself on Instagram to mark the beginning of her new journey as she aspired to learn something new and grow. In the caption, she sums up her excitement on viewing her 'lifelong obsession' by saying 'YES' to everything she's set to accomplish in the said city.



Throughout the duration of her trip, she has been posting several carousels of her adventures and glee while discovering different aesthetics in the lovely city. She even rode a horse carriage and at the end of it took an adorable picture of the horse that gave her a ride, leaning in for a sweet moment during the picture. Brown seemed to have found a new connection with the said animal as she expressed her gratitude and love for it. She also visited the infamous 'Harrods' where she stopped for some good chocolate.



Finally back home from the nearly 6-week magical trip, Brown appears to have a new leash on life with a refreshing perspective. She posted a picture of herself in a full-circle moment on a flight pondering over all that has been learned in the duration of her stay. She basked in the afterglow of having a rather fulfilling trip as the caption of the post mentions and she anticipates her newly formulated plans for the future, be it business or personal, make her happy.

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