Pop Star Rihanna Once Had a Secret Date With an English Musician Benjamin Hudson AKA Mr. Hudson

Pop Star Rihanna Once Had a Secret Date With an English Musician Benjamin Hudson AKA Mr. Hudson
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Rihanna's dating life has a secret date that dates back to 2009, when she reportedly went out with an English R&B musician, Benjamin Hudson McIldowie, aka Mr. Hudson. The Love on the Brain singer consciously avoided being seen or mentioned about her plus one. However, their romance was confirmed at the London premiere of Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds.'

Image Source: Getty Images | 	James Devaney
Image Source: Getty Images | James Devaney

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She dodged the media and maintained silence about her 'secret date' on the red carpet, but a source told a British paper, "They have been meeting up secretly, and on the red carpet, they refused to be pictured together." The insider continued, "Once RiRi and Mr. Hudson were inside the cinema, though they were stuck together like glue, and then they both slipped out the door at the end to go for a meal at Cipriani."

Back then, neither side confirmed their 'date night' on the carpet. However, Hudson later revealed their chemistry, and they just naturally hit it off. He told the NY Daily News, "We went to the movies. She's single, I'm single," reported The Boom Box. Although he admitted Rihanna was his "secret date," the now 44-year-old clarified his priority was his career. 

Image Source: Getty Images | 	David M. Benett
Image Source: Getty Images | David M. Benett


Hudson explained, "I could say to a girl, 'We're gonna do something this weekend,' and at the last minute, I'll be like, 'Lil Wayne wants me to play trombone on his new track, and I have to go do that."

A source revealed why the Umbrella singer wanted to keep her date a mystery on the carpet. "Rihanna didn't want to make a big deal out of her going on a date with Mr. Hudson, so she never told anyone she was bringing him," the insider clarified. The duo were reportedly introduced by Hudson's then-mentor and controversial rapper Kanye West in America and kept in touch since then, reported The Mirror. 

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After the carpet and dinner, the duo hopped on a blacked-out car at around 11.30 p.m. and headed to an after-party at the Shoreditch House members' club. At the party, Rihanna met ace director Quentin Tarantino and introduced her "not-so-secret date" to him. Hudson was starstruck and told his friend, "I can't believe Rihanna just introduced me to Quentin Tarantino."

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He recalled, "That film was amazing, he is a genius, and he shook my hand." The news of the budding romance came after Rihanna's public split with Chris Brown, who reportedly used to beat the singer and pleaded guilty to the crime, as reported by BBC Radio. The fans were curious if RiRi would take her 'date' to the next level, but Hudson kept people guessing. 

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In other news, the Kanye collaborator joked, "Rihanna and I are supposed to be getting married; that's the last I heard," as reported by The Mirror. He denied any possibility of their relationship going down the aisle. The Stay singer moved on with a baseball player, Matt Kemp, in 2010, and Mr. Hudson is still single. 

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