'RHOSLC' Filming Turns 'Explosive' as Whitney Rose and Liza Barlow's Feud Escalates

'RHOSLC' Filming Turns 'Explosive' as Whitney Rose and Liza Barlow's Feud Escalates
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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is reportedly brewing up a storm as tensions between co-stars Whitney Rose and Lisa Barlow escalate during the cast's ongoing trip to Bermuda. The feud has been brewing for quite some time, and it seems that things are only coming to a boiling point now in Season 4. "Producers have been preparing for an explosive situation in Bermuda," reports All About the Tea. The publication also reported that the producers of the show met at The Loren at Pink Beach Resort to discuss the potential scenarios between Rose and Barlow ahead of the co-stars' arrival Saturday.

The insider that gave the information to Page Six interestingly added that "tension flared up" between Rose and Barlow while filming Season 4. The insider also added, "The women recently got into it with each other, and their conflict is expected to bleed into the Bermuda trip"



The insider adds that the ladies’ “discord is layered,” but Barlow, 48, feels that Rose, 36, “hasn’t been completely transparent with her this season. The source did not talk about what really went wrong and upset Barlow. However, another piece of anecdote tells us that the Vida Tequila founder's equation with Meredith Marks, with whom Barlow had a major fallout, has something to do with it. Barlow and Marks reportedly are doing better with each other now. However, the insider told the publication that their relationship will never be the same. 



"The new dynamic between Lisa and Meredith could be creating space for Lisa to reevaluate her relationship with Whitney," the insider added. Another thing that might be adding to the feud in some way or the other is the fact that Barlow is now getting along more with Heather Gay which might be why Rose is upset. 

The cast had previously taken a trip to Palm Springs, California, while shooting the upcoming season, but Bermuda marks their first international trip. Before this trip they could only fly domestically as now-incarcerated Jen Shah was still a cast member. 


It was also reported that the producers are bringing in major changes in the cast and incorporating new women hoping to lighten up the show after the "dark" third season. 

As the complicated equation among the cast members continues to make shifts and evolve, it's pretty evident that fans will be exposed to a lot of drama. Whether the relationships can be resolved and move back to their initial glory is yet to be seen, and it's only a matter of time before things become more intriguing.

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