Tom Brady and Novak Djokovic Hug in Heartfelt Backstage Meetup After US Open Semifinal Match

Tom Brady and Novak Djokovic Hug in Heartfelt Backstage Meetup After US Open Semifinal Match
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Two of the greatest professional sports players were seen together in Flushing on Friday night.

On September 8 night at New York's Arthur Ashe Stadium, football legend Tom Brady, accompanied by his three children – 16-year-old son John "Jack" Edward, 13-year-old Benjamin Rein, and 10-year-old daughter Vivian Lake – had a rendezvous with tennis superstar Novak Djokovic following his victorious semi-finals match against Ben Shelton.

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This unexpected meeting between two sports icons created quite a buzz as they shared a moment in Flushing. It was a unique blend of football and tennis greatness converging at a thrilling moment in the heart of the sports world, further enhancing the excitement of the evening's events.



According to People, in a video posted by the US Open on X (formerly known as Twitter), the 46-year-old Brady was seen navigating his way through the stadium. He warmly embraced the 36-year-old Djokovic in a backstage room, introducing his children and engaging in a conversation with the tennis star: “How are you doing my man?" Towards the end of the video, the retired football legend encouraged the tennis icon by saying, keep kicking a--, like always,” Djokovic responded with a simple, "Trying." The US Open captioned the video as "Two [G.O.A.T.s] in the house at the #USOpen."

The 36-year-old exchanged greetings with Brady's children, but the former quarterback had some unfortunate news to share – he and his family weren't able to watch the Djokovic-Shelton match in person. “I wish we could’ve seen you play tonight,” Brady said. “But [the kids] had school in Miami, so we had to let them finish, then we flew up. But I was hoping you’d have the night match.”

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While Djokovic awaited to discover his opponent in the finals, Tom Brady had the opportunity to closely observe his friend's next rival, Daniil Medvedev. During the night semifinal, Brady's reactions were captured on the ESPN broadcast, where he expressed his approval of a spectacular Carlos Alcaraz finish in the third set.

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Djokovic, who had previously received support from New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers at the U.S. Open, had also praised Brady earlier in the tournament and spoke about their strong friendship. In June, Brady played a prominent role in Djokovic's celebration when he won the French Open.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Tim Clayton
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Tim Clayton


“It was a pleasure to have Aaron in the stands tonight for the match, I’m hoping he enjoyed himself. Obviously him, Tom Brady being in my box for Roland Garros finals and sitting next to my wife, was a huge honor. I have a relationship with Tom for several years. We go back. I have tremendous respect for him," Djokovic said after the match, as per New York Post.

Both Djokovic and Brady have achieved remarkable success in their respective careers, amassing an impressive total of 31 titles. Djokovic boasts 23 men's singles titles, while Brady has secured seven Super Bowl victories. 

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