'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Shows off Incredible Weight Loss in Rare Picture From an Overseas Trip

'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Shows off Incredible Weight Loss in Rare Picture From an Overseas Trip
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @therealmeribrown

Meri Brown, known for her appearance on the reality show Sister Wives, has been proudly showcasing her impressive physique on social media, particularly through captivating pictures taken during her recent journey to Europe. Yesterday, the star shared a fresh Instagram photo, accompanied by a lengthy message centered around pursuing one's dreams.

Meri Brown, aged 52, exuded elegance and confidence in her recent Instagram post, where she shared an enchanting snapshot taken during her visit to St. Paul's Cathedral in London. She flaunted her remarkable weight loss journey with a sleek, fashionable all-black ensemble.

She effortlessly donned tight black jeans, perfectly complemented by a layered combination of a form-fitting black t-shirt and a snug leather jacket thrown over that accentuated her toned arms. Her tousled hair partially veiled her slimmer face, adding a touch of allure to the overall image. The ensemble was tastefully adorned with delicate gold jewelry that completed the refined and stylish look.



The TLC personality expressed her profound thoughts in a lengthy Instagram post. She said that dreams and goals that don't scare are not big enough. She mentioned the lies we tell ourselves to hide or run away from the things we want the most, either because they are scary or need a lot of work, or because we don't have enough experience.

She says this only lets us live in the comfort of mediocrity. "But mediocrity isn't what's going to make those dreams come true or help us on our path to hitting those big goals. What we really need to do is learn to dance with the fear. Lean into the feeling and emotion of fear, because it's only when we face it and embrace it that magic happens. Lean into the dance, learn new steps, and swing to the rhythm. Lean into your moment and live it loud and proud! You got this!" Meri wrote. 



Soon after her separation from ex-husband Kody, Meri embarked on a European journey, coinciding with her decision to list her Arizona residence, valued at $1 million, for rental purposes, as per The U.S. Sun. The same outlet also reported that she has apparently settled into her new residence in Utah.

In 1990, Meri became Kody's first wife and she accompanied him right through while he established their plural marriage. This union expanded in 1993 when Kody entered into a spiritual marriage with Janelle Brown, and the following year, he entered into another spiritual marriage with Christine Brown.



In 2010, the dynamics of the Brown family underwent another transformation as Robyn Brown joined as the fourth wife. Four years later, Meri made the decision to divorce Kody, enabling him to legally marry Robyn and adopt her children from a previous marriage.

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