LIV Golf Star Bryson DeChambeau Reveals Ripped Body with his Radical New Diet and Weight Loss

LIV Golf Star Bryson DeChambeau Reveals Ripped Body with his Radical New Diet and Weight Loss
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Professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau is in the spotlight with his recent body transformation and impressive performance on the golf course. With a radical new diet, DeChambeau managed to shed an astonishing 18 pounds in just 24 days. He was recently spotted at LIV Golf Tulsa showing off his new slim figure post adopting this new diet.

In the past, DeChambeau experimented with weight gain to improve his game. Leading up to the 2019-20 PGA Tour season, he intentionally gained weight to enhance the power of his drives. His daily calorie intake was between 5,000 to 6,000, consisting of a substantial amount of protein and carbs. DeChambeau's weight peaked at 240 pounds, and he enjoyed success at the 2020 US Open, silencing critics who labeled him a "mad scientist."



During the summer of 2020, DeChambeau revealed that his typical breakfast included four eggs, five bacon slices, toast and two protein shakes. Throughout the day, he would have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a GoMacro bar, two additional protein shakes, and some occasional snacks. For dinner, he would consume steak and potatoes, along with two more protein shakes, resulting in a total of six shakes consumed everyday, reports The U.S. Sun.

The excessive weight and dietary choices eventually took a toll on DeChambeau's health. Blood work and analysis of his gut biome revealed inflammation and its effects on his body. DeChambeau had made the decision to abandon his "Incredible Bulk" diet after realizing its potential harm to his overall health and well-being, as per The U.S. Sun.



He revealed that he ate "anything and everything" thinking that "a lot of protein and a lot of carbs," could help him gain the weight he wanted to gain. "But there were a lot of refined sugars that was not good for the body. [The medics] did blood work, measured stuff in my gut biome and I was super inflamed. So they said, if you want to live a longer life, you definitely have to change your diet, because your gut’s not liking what's going on. So I did,” DeChambeau explained.

In August, DeChambeau started following a radical new diet, eliminating foods known to cause inflammation from his daily routine. For him, it meant cutting out corn, wheat, gluten and dairy products from his diet.



Finding the right chef who could incorporate more vegetables into his diet while respecting his aversion to greens proved to be a challenge for DeChambeau. However, he eventually found a skilled culinarian who introduced him to a variety of vegetables without compromising taste. DeChambeau said, "She was able to give me the vegetables and fruit that I need without making it taste bad. Because that was a part of — eating vegetables and not liking the taste."

Images Source: Getty Images | Photo by Rob Carr
Images Source: Getty Images | Photo by Rob Carr


As per ESPN, DeChambeau revealed that he now maintains a weight range of 210 to 215 pounds, adding that he has successfully shed 18 pounds in a span of just 24 days. "It was crazy," he said. "It wasn't fat. It was all water weight. You know how I looked before. I was not skinny" 

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