Legal Experts Enjoy Donald Trump’s Interview With Megan Kelly Discussing Classified Documents

Legal Experts Enjoy Donald Trump’s Interview With Megan Kelly Discussing Classified Documents
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A lot of listeners streamed the show when Megan Kelly released her interview with Donald Trump on SiriusXM. However, his discussion with the journalist delighted legal experts the most. The former president discussed his 'classified documents' case in the interview which was available for public listening on Thursday, September 14, 2023.

Image Source: Getty Images | Chet Strange
Image Source: Getty Images | Chet Strange

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The 77-year-old discussed several topics including Joe Biden's impeachment, his wife Melania Trump, COVID-19, and his (in)famous classified documents case. During the interview, the former president insisted it's his right to keep those documents, classified or not, reported HuffPost. He maintained that the documents central to one of his indictment cases are top secret and deserve to be in his custody. 

The Republican told Kelly, "I am allowed to take these documents, classified or not classified," adding, "And frankly, when I have them, they become unclassified. People think you have to go through a ritual. You don't — at least, in my opinion, you don't." He didn't just say it; he justified it, citing a government act. 

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Trump pointed out the 1978 Presidential Records Act, which is a law enacted after the Watergate scandal, clarifying that the White House documents belong to the federal government. In his sight, he was standing up for truth; however, prosecutors believed his words could be used before the jury as a confession to clamp him down. 

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Bradley P. Moss, a litigation expert, reposted the video clip from the interview on X, formerly Twitter, and commented, "Credit to @megynkelly for letting him confess to the crimes in the indictment. She'll see this played at the trial by the government." Other legal experts like @JoyceWhiteVance responded, "So nice when Trump does prosecutors' work for them. Good confession." 

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Besides legal professionals, others like @PaulNiland, founder of Lifeline Ukraine, wrote, "Cracking confession. "Not according to my opinion" doesn't change the law, whoever you are." @RubinReport, an American commentator, added, "Trump basically admitted to waving around the classified Iran attack plan. His lawyers must be losing their shit right now."



In June 2023, Trump was indicted under 91 felony charges, including mishandling and secretly keeping the White House documents after leaving. Special counsel Jack Smith leveled more crimes under his name in July. However, the Republican candidate pleaded not guilty. 



The 52-year-old journalist hosted Trump on her The Megan Kelly Show and pressed him to discuss various controversial topics, including his criminal cases. During the sitdown, Kelly challenged the former Celebrity Apprentice host on the upcoming 2024 elections but didn't directly imply his attempt to overturn the election results in 2020 against Biden. 



Kelly asked, "How are you going to unrig it in 2024?" Trump launched into making substantial claims, including that his supporters will "vote in numbers that you've never seen before," reported Deadline. He also clarified that he doesn't think Biden is too old to be president. Trump will be 78 years old until next year's elections, and Biden will be 81. 



"He's not too old, he's incompetent, and age is very interesting because some people are very sharp and some people lose it, but you lose it at 40 and 50 also," claimed Trump. He added, "You look at some of the great world leaders; they were in their 80s, and they did…Churchill, so many people. They were phenomenal in their 80s." 

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