When Kristen Stewart Once Told Jimmy Fallon How She Rescued a Pup on the Sets of ‘Camp X-Ray'

When Kristen Stewart Once Told Jimmy Fallon How She Rescued a Pup on the Sets of ‘Camp X-Ray'
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The attention was on actress Kristen Stewart in a sweet throwback to 2014 as she described a touching story about the rescue of a furry friend while filming the gritty prison thriller, Camp X-Ray. Kristen Stewart spoke candidly about her new best friend—a puppy she named Young Cole in honor of her character Amy Cole—during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

According to Stewart's statement on the show, their friendship was sparked by chance. The puppy was discovered abandoned by a buddy while they were playing Frisbee golf close to the Camp X-Ray location, reports Just Jared. A chance encounter would forever alter both of their lives.

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Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Stephane Cardinale
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Stephane Cardinale


Amy Cole, the character Kristen Stewart played in the movie, had such an impact on her that Stewart named her new canine companion after the character. The dog was given the fitting name Young Cole. This straightforward yet touching act exemplifies the strong bond that actors may form with their roles and how that bond goes beyond the boundaries of a film set.

Stewart couldn't help but gush about her dog during her visit on The Tonight Show. She gave Young Cole the titles of "the best dog in the world" and "the coolest dog," reflecting the emotions of their close relationship. 


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Stewart gave viewers a taste of her lighter side during her visit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and shared the touching tale of adopting the puppy while filming Camp X-Ray. Recognizing the film's somber and gloomy themes, Fallon decided to add some humor to the discussion, per E News.

Fallon provided a fun diversion with a sly grin in his eye. He gave Stewart and himself elephant masks and suggested playing a competitive round of Ring Around the Nosey. Fallon, with infectious enthusiasm, exclaimed that it was "the most fun game ever," a statement that elicited a grin from the Twilight alum.

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Stewart, who was donning an elephant mask, couldn't help but smile. She praised Fallon with two thumbs up and exclaimed, "It's so much better than looking sad!" This humorous exchange showed the actress in a different light, demonstrating her readiness to embrace humor and playfulness even though they were talking about a serious movie.

Fallon and Stewart tried to outdo one another when the game's rules were established. Being the first to wrap a ring around their "nosey," which is actually an elephant's trunk, was the only goal. As they both gladly joined the amusing competition, laughter and giggles filled the air. Unexpectedly talented in the game, Fallon quickly placed a ring on his trunk to everyone's surprise. He said, "Look how cool I am!" as he triumphantly declared himself the winner.

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