Joy-Anna Duggar Sparks Controversy With 'Inappropriate' Accessory for 5-Year-Old Son Gideon in New Photo

Joy-Anna Duggar Sparks Controversy With 'Inappropriate' Accessory for 5-Year-Old Son Gideon in New Photo
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"Counting On" star Joy-Anna Duggar has courted fresh controversy with "bad parenting" decisions. The reality star has been slammed by fans for "inappropriately accessorizing" her older son.

In a new post shared on Instagram, five-year-old Gideon is seen wearing "adult glasses" while cradling his baby brother, Gunner. Fans instantly disliked the "new look" and blamed Duggar for the "unfit glasses with a thick frame."


Gideon looks happy and relaxed in the picture. He is sporting a gray T-shirt with blue jeans while gently holding his baby brother, Gunner. The baby is wrapped in a blanket and resting on his older brother's lap. However, the pair of "grandpa" glasses worn by Gideon notably catch attention for their thick black frame and loosely fitted edge design, stretching out over his ears.

Fans instantly blasted the Duggar parents for their ignorance. "Those glasses are too big for him," one fan commented. Another agreed, saying, "I was going to say, those are adult glasses on a child." A third added, "They didn’t measure his face for the frames because they bought them online. This is my biggest gripe about online eyeglass vendors – idiots like Joy will buy frames & not take the measurements necessary for a proper fit. I don't know how those glasses stay in his face when he runs or plays. He looks like he's playing dress-up with Grandpa's glasses."

Another commenter expressed anger, saying, "If you care about your kid, after realizing this mistake, you either return/exchange the glasses or, if they are not returnable, you eat the cost and buy a proper pair." 


However, this is not the first time Duggar and her husband Austin Forsyth are being called out for their disagreeable parenting. According to The Sun, last month the couple was criticized for filming Gideon crying after painfully losing his tooth with dental floss. The parents had tied the floss around his tooth and pulled it hard. The boy was seen screaming in pain as his parents continued to film his ordeal even though his mouth bled from the freshly yanked tooth.

Fans commented on the cruelty. "Child exploitation. Lack of boundary recognition. Failure to emotionally connect. Detached parenting. Or, history repeating itself." Another angry person commented, "Poor buddy! Teeth will fall out when they're ready! No need to do this. If it was causing him pain, they could have taken him to a dentist." A third follower wrote, "Oh no. Are they doing child trauma clickbait now? This never ends well."



The TLC couple also share a two-year-old daughter named Evelyn. The parents recently revealed the name of their newborn son as Gunner James Forsyth. Duggar posted a photo of the newborn baby with the caption: "He's here! Thank you all for praying. Mama and baby are recovering well." 

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