Inside 'The One': A Tour of the Most Expensive House in the United States of America

Inside 'The One':  A Tour of the Most Expensive House in the United States of America
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Take a tour through the most expensive mansion in the United States of America worth a whopping $295 Million!

Located at the prestigious Bel Air, the mammoth mansion features 21 bedrooms, and 49 bathrooms and offers more luxury amenities worth every dollar spent. It is located at the highest elevation point in Bel Air while providing a breathtaking panoramic view.



The driveway is said to be the longest in LA starting with fully secure black gates that lead straight to the basement for cars. The entrance features a marble pathway surrounded by a rather shallow pool with a chrome moat followed by two skylights. The grand foyer hosts a magnificent white art installation displayed in all its glory. This foyer leads to a hallway further following a capillary system that leads to several rooms.



The office provides a calm working atmosphere and is surrounded by sleek black Italian-marble bookshelves with a 25-foot ceiling and a skylight right at the center of the room. It also flows into several other powder rooms that include an automatic toilet. 

The grand hall has roof-through-floor windows, a 20-foot wide fireplace, and top-notch lighting that makes it perfect for relaxing while taking in the view from exquisite furniture tainted with accents of grey, blending with the vibe of the hall. A highlight of the hall's view is Simone Cenedese's glass sculpture – Angel Wings – an ode to "The City of Angels." 

The guest bedroom is incredibly spacious with ample lighting and has easy access outside. The bathroom is similar to the powder room with regards to the fixtures but features different intricate designs. The kitchen has walls made entirely out of glass with a rare rose-gold finish followed by other luxe kitchen fixtures, such as pop-up induction stoves and many more.



The guest bedrooms are well aligned with the vibe of the modern aspect of the home. Each bedroom features its own version of a plush bed with a padded headboard, a dressing table, a lounge couch, and massive windows with a stellar view regardless of the angle, followed by a piece of art that offers the room a touch of panache.

The backyard provides a stunning view of the city and hosts a 400-square-foot jogging track with a glass railing. A pool and an oversized jacuzzi are flaunted in all their glory alongside the yard with a massive viewing area for premium entertainment.



The final part of the mansion is the rooftop deck, which is the perfect culmination of entertainment and relaxation. The topmost floor includes a putting green and an infinity pool as well as a detached guesthouse, which has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a stunning white dining space.

Other luxury facilities present on the property include a nightclub with top-notch sound systems, a bowling alley, a full-fledged gym and wellness center and a breathtaking movie theater that offers enhances viewing experiences.

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