Inside the $25.5 Million West Hollywood Mansion Bought by Powerball Winner Edward Castro

Inside the $25.5 Million West Hollywood Mansion Bought by Powerball Winner Edward Castro
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Sneak a peak inside the stylish Beverly Hills mansion worth $25.5 million purchased recently by Powerball lottery winner, billionaire Edward Castro.

This five-bedroom mansion is located at the pristine and posh Beverly Hills atop the Hollywood Hill. The home itself is an ideal blend of luxury and modernity.



The spacious hall features tones of brown and black that complement the stunning LA scenery offered through the open balcony. The furnishings match the tan walls and are paired well with the black lounge chairs in the well-illuminated room.

Followed by the hall is a mammoth dining space with a similar color palate for furniture. The kitchen, a true work of art, features a sleek marble-top counter with dark grey barstools followed by tan and brown cabinets and a hidden fridge. Not only does it have quality kitchenware but also features four ovens.



Next up on the tour, a highlight of the home is its imperial open-air swimming pool with an in-built jacuzzi. In addition to its ability to reflect the night sky, the pool is located at the edge of the property offering a panoramic view of the city while leisurely enjoying a dip in the water, be it day or night.



Proceeding further, the open hall flows into a sublime white staircase that leads to the second floor where the majority of bedrooms are located followed by the seven bathrooms of the house. The first room sports a rich monochrome aesthetic with floor-to-ceiling windows facilitating a gorgeous view no matter the angle. Above the bed hangs a stunning three-framed art piece that sets the tone of the room. Following this, there is a quaint workspace area alongside a white minimalistic bookshelf.

The room also opens into an attached balcony featuring a white lounge couch to enjoy the full experience of the exquisite sunrise and sunset. The next room follows accents of tan and beige and has similar furnishings as the room previous.



The bathrooms are the epitome of luxury, art, and panache. Emerging from a walk-in closet, the spacious and marble-walled marvel features tan and black fixtures. There are two separate rooms – one is a complete shower room, and the other has a hand-held shower with a marble seated area — both offering a unique bathing experience.

The master bedroom is one of the most spacious rooms in the home and provides a comforting and warm aura. It is a modern blend of monochrome and beige furniture and features a private balcony with its own lounge unit, a perfect space to wind down or entertain guests. The real highlight, however, is its incredible private bathroom with ample counter space aligned with mirrors, followed by a matte black bathtub with its private flatscreen – an exclusive bathing experience. The room also opens into a well-illuminated walk-in closet with LED lighting at the corners and base of the cabinets. 



Other impressive amenities of the house include an open-air terrace with chic black furniture, such as a couch set and a premium yet rustic dining set. There is certainly no lack of entertainment within this prestigious mansion as it has a private bar, amphitheater, game room, and sauna.

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