Elon Musk Sets Poop Emoji as Automated Reply to Journalists Mailing Twitter For Queries

Elon Musk Sets Poop Emoji as Automated Reply to Journalists Mailing Twitter For Queries
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Elon Musk seems to not like the press or journalists, and this seems to be the case since he banished the media completely from his Tesla company back in 2020. He is repeating the same move by providing an automated solution to all the press-related queries directed toward the Twitter mailbox. Journalists mailing Twitter for any response will now be met with a poop emoji. Forbes reports that Twitter’s new CEO, Musk stated that the company has now designed an auto-response system for the official email address of its press team. Any reporter sending emails to this address will simply receive a poop emoji as an automated reply instead of a real-time human response. The poop emoji will be the only message within the auto response’s subject and body. Musk himself proudly announced the new development in a tweet on Sunday morning, March 19. “press@twitter.com now auto responds with [poop emoji],” he tweeted.


Many Twitter users took the official announcement as a joke but soon found that it was true. They posted screenshots of the auto-generated email on the micro-blogging site as a confirmation of Musk's tweet. “I thought he was joking, but it is actually true,” wrote one user who shared a screenshot of the poop emoji auto-response. “I initially dismissed it as a joke, but my skepticism was proven wrong after giving it a try!” wrote another user. And some posted "Confirmed" with laughing emojis. 




The presumed inventor of Bitcoin Shibetoshi Nakamoto hilariously tweeted, in response to the original tweet on the Elon Musk account, about the possibility of media houses, from here on, reaching out to the Twitter press department for comments in serious articles, only to be greeted by the poop emoji. 



It has to be noted that since Musk took over the social media platform in October for a $44 billion deal, the company’s press handle has not responded to any messages or questions. Despite numerous changes being announced overnight by the micro-blogging giant, none of the official statements have been accompanied by any official press release. All of the so-called "new rules" have been implemented directly through Musk’s own Twitter account. 



According to Mashable, Twitter is not the first company where Musk has showcased his disdain towards the press and communication teams. The self-made tech billionaire had completely gotten rid of Tesla’s PR and Communications department in 2020. A few of Tesla's investors have advised Musk to restart the press team, but he is in no mood to create another media department and thinks it is unnecessary. “Other companies spend money on advertising [and] manipulating public opinion, Tesla focuses on the product. I trust the people,” Musk tweeted back in April 2021. Looks like he wants to use the same strategy with Twitter, and one of his many steps in that direction is this auto-response for journalistic queries. 

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