Donald Trump Sues Judge Overseeing His Upcoming New York Trial Case, Wins 'Temporary' Stay Orders

Donald Trump Sues Judge Overseeing His Upcoming New York Trial Case, Wins 'Temporary' Stay Orders
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A "temporary" relief for former United States President Donald J. Trump, as his upcoming New York fraud trial case has been put on a halt after he sued the judge overseeing his case. The case was scheduled for October 2, 2023, but he sued Justice Arthur Engoron, resulting in stay orders that brought Trump a momentary repose. 

Image Source: Getty Images | 	Julie Bennett
Image Source: Getty Images | Julie Bennett

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New York Attorney General Letitia James' filed a fraud lawsuit against the 77-year-old and his family businesses, a spokesperson revealed in the court, as reported by Reuters. However, Trump accused Engoron of defying a court order that could narrow the lawsuit. The former president was granted his request in a surprise hearing. 

After the halt, a panel of five judges is set to make a decision that is expected to alter the case, and if the suspension takes longer, it would result in delaying the fraud trial altogether. Justice David Friedman passed the verdict following a brief 3:45 p.m. virtual hearing in Trump's favor, eluding any harm to his corporate empires, per Daily Beast.



Friedman granted an interim stay on the September 2 hearing, but it doesn't apply to a scheduled September 22 hearing before Engoron, which is expected to proceed as planned. In the virtual court hearing, the Republican candidate was represented by Florida attorney Christopher Kise, and three lawyers from the AG's office were also present. 

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Soon after the stay orders were declared, Attorney General Letitia James released a statement, "We are confident in our case and will be ready for trial." Trump and his legal team cited "urgency" with regards to suing Engoron, and they wanted the judge to commence on "Article 78 special proceeding." 

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Trump filed a petition to remove Engoron, and attorneys Clifford S. Robert and Michael Madaio wrote, "Although he has yet to perform his lawful duty, Justice Engoron plans to proceed with the trial of the Attorney General's claims on October 2, 2023—just nineteen days from the date of this petition." 

To make such a move this close to trial was unlikely; however, Trump has been playing these strategies in the past months to dodge legal battles. He has tried these same moves on federal judges in Washington and West Palm Beach, but they didn't waver in his persistent efforts to delay other cases under his name. 

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Trump's legal team alleged Engoron was misusing his stature and demanded an appellate judge to make someone swallow his pride. In separate news, the former president and his 16 co-defendants will be tried separately in the 2020 Georgia election interference case by lawyers Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell. 

He also celebrated "the best polls ever" on his Truth Social platform and claimed they were "rarely shown on television, leading by 50 and 60 points. Just like they don't like showing our big Rally CROWDS, they don't like showing our GREAT POLL NUMBERS. WE HAVE RIGGED ELECTIONS AND RIGGED TELEVISION." Trump is a lead candidate for the upcoming 2024 elections and has denied any wrongdoings despite felony charges against him. In fact, he has often referred to them as a "witchhunt."  



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