BTS' Jungkook Shares His Fanboy Moment With SEVENTEEN on Live Stream

BTS' Jungkook Shares His Fanboy Moment With SEVENTEEN on Live Stream
Photo Courtesy: Instagram | @jungkook.97

In a recent live broadcast, Jungkook of BTS surprised fans by unveiling his inner fanboy, proudly demonstrating himself as the biggest SEVENTEEN fan. Known for his genuine friendships and unwavering support for his peers, Jungkook showcased his love for SEVENTEEN, cementing his CARAT status and leaving fans in awe of his adorable camaraderie. This live stream of Jungkook left fans mesmerized with his genuine adoration for SEVENTEEN.

Jungkook's live stream began with a delightful revelation as he expressed his avid viewership of SEVENTEEN's show, Going SEVENTEEN. Demonstrating his familiarity with the members, Jungkook affectionately mentioned how much fun he had while watching the show, specifically highlighting the charms of Mingyu, The8, DK, and Seungkwan.



This candid acknowledgment not only solidified his status as a dedicated CARAT but also showcased the bond shared between these two incredibly talented groups. Jungkook even made a special appearance at SEVENTEEN's concert in Korea in 2022, capturing heartwarming moments in adorable photos alongside the members, as per Koreaboo.



True to his reputation as an exceptional vocalist, Jungkook couldn't resist treating fans to a breathtaking karaoke session during the live broadcast. What captured the hearts of many though was his profound appreciation for SEVENTEEN's latest track, Super.

With a voice filled with passion and sincerity, Jungkook delivered a heartfelt rendition of the song, showcasing his admiration for the group's talent and musicality. It was a beautiful moment that resonated deeply with fans across the globe. Many fans tweeted about this moment and praised Jungkook's public fanboy moment.



The surprises did not end there, as Jungkook revealed an exciting encounter with SEVENTEEN's Jun at HYBE's gym. Eager to expand his dance repertoire, the youngest member of BTS took the opportunity to learn the choreography for Super from the talented Jun. Fans were thrilled to hear about this intergroup interaction.

While Jungkook expressed his desire to take on the Super challenge, he humorously revealed that Mingyu had yet to contact him to make it happen. As the live stream drew to a close, Jungkook left his audience in awe once again, this time by jamming along to BSS's song Fighting.



Fans of both groups were thrilled as Jungkook and Mingyu were spotted together at the exclusive Louis Vuitton after-party in Seoul, South Korea. The event served as a glamorous celebration of the luxury brand's Pre-Fall 2023 collection, leaving fans buzzing with excitement.

True to form, BTS's Jungkook fearlessly expresses his affection for his friends in many of his live broadcasts. Fans eagerly anticipate the day when Jungkook and SEVENTEEN join forces to take on the exhilarating Super challenge, as it is a delightful treat that fans are eagerly awaiting. 

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