AI-Generated Videos of BTS Singing Rihanna and The Weeknd Impress Fans With Their Surprising Realism

AI-Generated Videos of BTS Singing Rihanna and The Weeknd Impress Fans With Their Surprising Realism
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Videos have been circulating on the internet of the famous Korean band, BTS covering songs from singers Rihanna and The Weekend, only they are generated by Artificial Intelligence software. The posts have been going viral among fans for their striking resemblance to the band members' authentic voices. 

Image Credit: Getty Images | Frazer Harrison
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Frazer Harrison


Fans were left impressed and stunned after listening to recent AI-generated versions of BTS members covering several songs from famous music personalities such as Umbrella singer, Rihanna, and The Hills singer, The Weekend. Army fans were in shock after the vocals generated successfully replicated with ease and almost perfect accuracy the boy band's vocal range, according to Yahoo.



An AI-generated cover of member Jungkook singing Blinding Lights by The Weekend went viral and has left listeners the most gobsmacked. The audio-only YouTube upload featured the 25-year-old vocalist's voice in perfect harmony with the beat and rhythm of the retro-vibed song that's won several awards. 



A cover of Starboy by the same artist, another AI creation, featured not just one but three members of the band - Jungkook, V, and Jimin - vibing to the upbeat tones of the song. This cover has gone viral, reaching 437K views in just a few days. Fans have been left swooning over the apt accuracy and detail to attention: even the tone and accent of all three members have been perfectly replicated. "Their voice is so compatible with this song even though their voice tone is so different from each other! (High pitched (jm), normal (jk), Deep (V)) Loved it!" said a viewer. Other fans complimented AI Jimin's voice to be fitting in perfect harmony with the song.



Diamonds by Grammy winner Rihanna is another such cover created in the voice of the Dynamite singers. Listeners had mixed feelings when it came to this one: while some appreciated its creativity and skill, other fans expressed their concern about the misuse of AI as a tool. "It's scary how accurate these things are. I hope no one misuses this AI," said a commenter.

Although the covers created by the AI algorithm may be near perfect in replicating the BTS members' original voices, AI still has its own set of flaws when it comes to generating such covers. For instance, the song Attention by Charlie Puth included incorrect lyrics during the song. This is a clear indication that the algorithm is still working out a few glitches.



While a good portion of listeners globally remains sold on the idea of AI covers, others have expressed grave concern about the lack of privacy, consent, and copyright problems that the creators of these videos aren't taking into account.

The latter half expressed their opinions on the comments section of such covers and requested creators to take down the videos and discourage the trend. "You guys shouldn't steal their voices due to which they are in THAT position...Stop with these useless trends," said one person, insinuating the fact that AI-generated voices are neglecting the artist's own vocal capacities and hard work.

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