Helena Christensen In Bathing Suit Takes An Ice Cold Dip

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When you list the Supermodels that shaped the late 20th century, Danish model Helena Christensen sits on the first page alongside names like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christie Brinkley, and Cindy Crawford.

Since her 1986 Miss Universe Denmark win, Helena worked her way to the top of the totem pole, branching out as a photographer and co-founder of the defunct NYLON magazine. Helena loves performing a daring feat that led her to an ice-cold bath in a snowy lake!

Throwing It Back

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There was a time the Ice Bucket Challenge was trendy, and the Danish supermodel Helena Christensen reminded us last week. The 53-year-old with a youthful physique sizzled in a one-piece floral bikini and pink head warmer last weekend so much that she dipped in an ice-cold lake to cool off.


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An Ice-Cold Dip

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The vintage supermodel exposed her toned physique, although she protected her black braided pigtails under a pastel pink hat. Unsure of the temperature in the stream, Helena dipped halfway before deciding, “NO, this isn’t for me,” as she reemerged quickly.

Her return flaunted her floral maillot, which’s high-rise cut bared Helena’s super-toned hips. The maillot’s a tie-back bustline, dipped at the waist, baring a smooth back.

Still Got It

Helena loves the water and floral prints because she celebrated her birthday waddling in a stream for a few seconds, like her Ice-cold bath. This floral print maillot has a flappy sleeve, and she ties her hair into twin schoolgirl buns. Helena also has a sense of humor as she wrote, “Even though I’m born on Christmas day, I, unfortunately, can’t walk on water.”

Before getting in the water, she had such high hopes but couldn’t stay in for long. The shock on her face feeling the pressure was hilarious. She climbed back aboard with quickness then dropped the cheeky comment about walking on water.

See the video Below.

Here We Go Again

The Danish model also shared a shot of herself in a black plunging neckline one-piece last year. She reclined on a black and white lounge seater, stretching her arms above her head to display a mini-star tattoo on her forearm.

Helena thanked her friends and fans for the birthday wishes as she prayed for a “healthy, safe, hug, and laughter-filled year for the world.” Her famous sense of humor jumped out again as she teased, “This is one of the seven times I laughed this year…” referring to her bright red-lipped, white teeth smile.