Kendall Jenner Finally Defends Her Inappropriate Wedding Guest Dress

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We recently highlighted the top celebrities rocking the new cut-out dress fashion trend, do you remember? Style Icon Kendall Jenner topped that list with the ultra-risqué black dress she wore to Lauren Perez’s wedding last year. Yes, we’re taking a trip down memory lane back to the dress that had social media buzzing for being “blatantly disrespectful” and “classless.”

Let’s Talk About The Dress

On Nov. 11, 2021, Kendall attended her friend Lauren Perez’s wedding in an unreleased SS22 Mônot dress. The diamond cut-out maxi dress revealed most of her upper body until the waistline, causing an uproar on the internet. The lower part was a full-length body-hugging skirt that covered her lower body completely.

The 26-year-old went minimal in the accessories and makeup department, leaving her long brown hair loose and down. Whereas some admitted Kendall looked good in the outfit, many insisted it was the wrong choice for a wedding.

What’s Social-Media Saying?

Many social media users considered it inappropriate for a wedding guest, as it’s supposedly disrespectful to the Bride. One aggrieved user posted a very long lecture in the comments saying Kendall is the reason “the world is falling apart!” They further said Kendall had “no responsibility, etiquette or courtesy.”

Another commented, “grow up and be an adult,” implying the supermodel’s dress choice was childish. Another user said, “For future reference… the proper etiquette for weddings is NEVER to Do ANYTHING to take away from the Bride in any manner whatsoever."

Kendall’s Response

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After months of social media discourse on the “inappropriate outfit,” Perez and Kendall finally broke their silence. First, Kendall shut down a troll saying she asked her friend’s permission before wearing the diamond cut-out dress.

In a comment reply, she said, “@laurenperez obvi asked for your approval in advance too. We love a beach wedding.” Her reply indicates that while many unfashionable social media users may not understand the intricacies of fashion, her dress choice was on theme.

Lauren had earlier clapped back at a troll, saying, “She looked stunning, and I loved it,” effectively shutting down every doubt about it being disrespectful to her. To crown her approval, she reposted one of the pictures with Kendall in the shot as part of her 2021 recap calling the night “greatest night of 2021.”

Kendall Jenner’s Style

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Now we know Kendall wouldn’t ever compromise her style for anyone. The supermodel has no qualms about showing off her super-toned body, whether it’s in a bikini or a risqué outfit. We’ve seen her iconic MET Gala looks, from the revealing bejeweled black dress in 2017 to the champagne sheer Givenchy number in 2021. So, you can bet that wedding isn’t the last you’ll see Kendall in a revealing dress. So, you'll have to brace yourself if it bothers you.