An Inside Look At Nastia Liukin's Exquisite Dallas Home

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin has lived in Texas for most of her childhood, so there's little wonder that the Russian-born athlete has chosen to return to Dallas when it came time to buying her forever-home. Moving into Preston Hollow, where she purchased a 4,300-square-foot house in early 2020, the five-time Olympic medalist and 2008 individual all-around champion told Architectural Digest this was where she felt most at home.

“I have owned homes and lived in so many different places, but this is kind of the first place that has truly felt like home,” the former artistic gymnast said in a March 2021 feature exploring her interior design style, which perfectly complements her classic fashion sense.

Liukin, who talked about moving back to Dallas on her blog back in May 2020, has also offered glimpses inside the elegant residence on her Instagram.

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'Inspiring' Home Office

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Taking to the social media platform on four consecutive days last March, Liukin showcased four of the home's interiors -- a two-story five-bedroom, six-bathroom manse spanning 4,000 square feet of living space. The property, which also comes with an outdoor kitchen, a three-car garage, and a fully landscaped backyard, reportedly set her back some $1.4 million, although we couldn't verify the information. The Olympian's estimated net worth is $2 million.

Kicking off the showcase with a look inside her home office, which she dubbed "Nastia HQ," the Olympian shared seven photos of the space, one tastefully curated in classic neutral shades with modern dark accents, such as the living room table she chose in lieu of a desk.

Liukin, who worked with Pottery Barn's complementary (and free!) service, Pottery Barn Design Crew, to design her home, told AD she wanted the house to mirror her personal fashion style -- "pretty, modern, neutral, and classic."

"I wanted a space that felt cozy, warm, and inviting but also that felt inspiring," she said of her office, adding on Instagram that it needed to be "a space Harley [her 1-and-a-half-year-old Goldendoodle] would love, too!"

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'Elevated' Dining Room

The same aesthetic carries through the rest of the house, as seen in the pictures of her open-plan dining room and kitchen, which, along with the living room, harmoniously "flow together in one big open area" to create the feeling that "the house was built" for "hosting [her] friends and family" -- something that Liukin confesses she adores doing.

"My goal in designing the dining room was to create something that felt inviting and elevated, without being too formal," she explained on Instagram, adding: "Dinner parties are best in PJ’s anyway, right?!"

Photos of the neutral, light-filled space added to her feed kept the focus on Liukin's "favorite elements" and personal touches, such as the "gorgeous cane chairs," numerous indoor plants in massive clay pots, and the stylish black-and-white photo wall representing "little glimpses of things that are really important to me and the memories in my life."

Swipe through the embed below to take a look at the elegant dining table, fully stocked dry bar, and gray wood floors complementing the white walls and suave champagne palette of the furniture. In one picture, you can see the white living room sofa, while another shows a glimpse of the all-white kitchen. Scroll for more

A Pop Of Color

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While Liukin was "pumped" to work with the Pottery Barn crew, the gymnast also allowed the experience to challenge her personal esthetic to some degree, telling AD she now feel more "open to some color." For instance, green accents were added to the guest bedroom to liven up the "cozy and comfortable" cream color scheme.

"I feel like the guest bedroom really helped me understand that you can still have neutral and natural tones but add a little color," Liukin shared. "There’s green in there, which is still a calming color but not white."

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Aside from the occasional pop of color, Liukin has also learned to embrace the idea of rugs.

"For some reason, I have really always hated rugs. I don’t know why—I didn’t understand them. But having so many really added a lot of texture and warmth," she told AD.

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Immaculate Kitchen

Unsurprisingly, Liukin's immaculately white kitchen continues the home's bright, natural aesthetic, with the alabaster custom cabinets and subtly accented sandstone backsplash lending the space a vibe of purity.

"Like the rest of my home, I wanted to stick with a neutral color palette and absolutely LOVED adding in the mason stoneware plates, bowls, and serving ware," Liukin wrote on Instagram, sharing a few snaps of the chic kitchen, which you can see below.

Asked to describe her interior design style, the Olympic gymnast told AD she interprets it as being "kind of warm with a lot of natural earthy tones throughout."

Liukin added: "Also fresh and modern; I wanted everything to flow, and as with my style, I wanted it to be timeless. I didn't really want to do too many things that were trendy right now."

For those surprised not to see the athlete's Olympic gold on display in the home, Liukin explained "I always kept that stuff in my bedroom."

"The way I grew up in my parents’ home — they were world champions and Olympic gold medalists as well — we never had any Olympic medals or memorabilia out in the open. It was something that we, of course, are proud of, but it wasn’t anything that we felt the need to display or show," she said.