NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons To Cavaliers For Collin Sexton, Isaac Okoro, Lauri Markannen & Draft Picks

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Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons is one of the NBA superstars who are frequently mentioned in various trade speculations. Since taking most of the blame for their failure to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals last season, Simmons has expressed his desire to leave the Sixers and start a new journey somewhere else.

Simmons may still have some major flaws in his game, but he's currently receiving strong interest from teams that are in need of additional star power and rebuilding teams that want to speed up their timeline.

Ben Simmons To Cleveland Cavaliers

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One of the young squads that are currently being linked to Simmons is the Cleveland Cavaliers. In a recent appearance on ESPN's Christmas Day basketball coverage, NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski mentioned the Cavaliers as an "interesting team to watch" in Simmons sweepstakes.

“But here’s an interesting team to watch: the Cleveland Cavaliers, who before they went on this really incredible start to the season, had been engaged with Philly on Simmons," Wojnarowski said, as quoted by NBC Sports. "They’ve got some really intriguing assets, either in a straight deal or perhaps a three- or four-team deal."

Proposed Cavaliers-Sixers Trade

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As of now, the Cavaliers don't have the type of player that Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey is looking for in the potential deal involving Simmons. However, if Morey decides to lower his asking price, the Cavaliers could come up with an intriguing offer. In the proposed trade scenario by NBC Sports' Adam Hermann, the Cavaliers would be sending a trade package that includes Collin Sexton, Isaac Okoro, Lauri Markannen, a 2022 first-round pick, and a 2023 first-round pick to the Sixers in exchange for Simmons

Why The Sixers Would Make The Trade

The proposed trade deal would make sense for the Sixers if they have the patience to waive for Sexton to fully recover from his injury. By sending Simmons to Cleveland, the Sixers would be receiving two young players with huge star potentials in Sexton and Okoro and a talented big man in Markannen. With his ability to knock down shots from beyond the arc, Markanenn won't have a hard time making himself fit with Joel Embiid in the Sixers' frontcourt.

Aside from turning Simmons into three young contributors, the Sixers would also be acquiring two future first-round picks that they could use in future trades to further solidify their core.

Cavaliers Get A LeBron James 2.0

It's hardly surprising that the Cavaliers are very interested in adding Simmons to their roster. Simmons may have disappointed in the 2021 NBA Playoffs, but he remains one of the most promising players in the league. What makes him a more intriguing addition to the Cavaliers is his similarities with LeBron James, the man who led the team to their first NBA championship title in 2016.

Before he was selected as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, Simmons was frequently compared to James because of his physique and style of play. Starting a new journey in Cleveland would also be beneficial for Simmons. Having a fresh start on a rebuilding team would help him regain his confidence and return to the right path to becoming a legitimate superstar in the league.