Melissa Gorga Shades Teresa Giudice on Instagram After Release of 'RHONJ' Trailer

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Lindsay Cronin

Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice are being labeled as "the shadiest sister-in-laws on Bravo" after Gorga was caught reposting a meme from a fan page that seemingly suggested her husband Joe Gorga's older sister wanted to be her.

In a screenshot shared by the All About the Real Housewives page on Instagram on December 21, the message shared by Calling Out Bravo was seen.

"When your sister-in-law hates you because she ain't you," the message, which was accompanied by a photo of Gorga, read.

Some fans on Instagram Expressed Their Disgust With Melissa Gorga's Diss

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After Gorga's diss, a number of fans and followers of the All About the Real Housewives page shared their thoughts, many of whom didn't appreciate her sentiments.

"Here we go again," one person said.

Others pointed out that Gorga's storylines on The Real Housewives of New Jersey seem to revolve around Giudice, and the many years they've spent feuding.

"She's embarrassing as hell and is obsessed [with] Teresa and this story line," someone suspected of the drama.

"Lol. M is literally NOTHING without Tre," another agreed.


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Others Agreed With Melissa Gorga's Post

Melissa Gorga | Instagram

While the majority of Instagram seemed to be opposed to what Gorga had said, indirectly, with her re-post, others felt that she was making true statements in regard to how Giudice supposedly felt about her.

"I mean Teresa is so jealous of her though," someone shared.

"If u hate Melissa, it’s gotta be some kind of jealousy. Let’s be real people… Teresa isn’t a very nice person," said another person.

Gorga was brought to RHONJ for season three and Giudice has been appearing on the series since season one.

Teresa Giudice May Be Holding a Grudge Against Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga | Instagram

Looking back at Gorga's season three introduction on the show, a different fan suggested Giudice was still upset about Gorga being brought on.

"From the day Melissa first arrived on the show, Teresa was ticked. Who is more fun to watch? Teresa with all her shenanigans, but who is more lovely? Melissa. Who is more entertaining? Teresa, but not in a good way. (Who wants to emulate that foul mouth and semi violent woman?) Who has a more stable family life and marriage? Melissa, clearly. But is that entertaining? Hmmmm...... I guess this is how I would sum up this quandary. I would rather be friends with Melissa, but watch Teresa on television," the person suspected in their lengthy theory.

Melissa Gorga Allegedly Caused Tension Amongst Family Members

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Another person on Instagram responded to All About the Real Housewives' post, suggesting that Gorga was in the wrong because she brought drama to her husband's family.

"I love how everyone says that Tre is jealous of Mel. She's not jealous, she doesn't like her. At all. That isn't jealousy. You could tell Trees mom and Dad didn't like her either. Mel took Joey away from the family and they all resent her for it," the person noted.

Gorga, Giudice, and their cast mates, including Dolores Catania, Jennifer Aydin, Jackie Goldschneider, and Margaret Josephs, are set to return to Bravo for the 12th season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, beginning on Tuesday, February 1, at 8/7c.