How Much Did Miley Cyrus Make From ‘Hannah Montana’?

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Hannah Montana catapulted Miley Cyrus to fame but did it also turn her into a multimillionaire? The 29-year-old Party in the U.S.A. singer reportedly has a net worth of $160 million thanks to concert tours, albums, TV shows, movies and fashion campaigns, but how much of her wealth came from the Disney series that started it all?

The show premiered in March 2006 and by 2008, at the height of its popularity, Cyrus was dubbed as one of the wealthiest kids in the world. How wealthy exactly? Scroll to find out.

Did “Hannah Montana” Pay Well?

Cyrus might have been one of the richest 15-year-olds while starring in Hannah Montana but in an interview with Elle, she said she “did not grow up spoiled in any way. I just wanted to be on TV. I mean, at one point—they'll probably kill me for saying it—I was probably the least paid person on my [Hannah Montana] cast because I didn't know any better. I was just like, I can be on Disney! Yeah, I want to do it!”

The Exact Figures

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Least paid or not, the Wrecking Ball singer still raked in a lot of dough from the show, reportedly earning $15 thousand per episode. Hannah Montana ran for four seasons from March 2006 to January 2011. With 98 episodes, Cyrus’ total earnings were $1.47 million – and that’s just a conservative estimate because she might have gotten a raise at some point.

In any case, by the time the Disney Channel series ended, it had turned its lead star into a millionaire. Definitely not a mean feat for a teenager!

Road To $160 Million

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So what did the young starlet do with her Hannah Montana earnings? Her mother Tish Cyrus got involved with her finances, saying, “A lot goes into her investment fund, which she can't touch until she's 18,” according to this Digital Spy article. The star herself said to Elle, “My mom started understanding how many people take advantage of a child, so she hired smart people to protect me in that way.”

It’s good that both mom and daughter were wise with money because Cyrus’ fortune has now ballooned to $160 million!

Forbes 30 Under 30

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Aside from her Hannah Montana money, the actress/singer reportedly earned $75 thousand per concert around the same time she was on the show. Through the years, she’s also raked in millions from tours, movies, her coaching gig on The Voice and a fashion campaign for Gucci, among other projects.

Recently, the Plastic Hearts artist was chosen for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, the latest achievement in her stellar career. She tweeted about it, saying, “I turned 29 last week. It was now or never. Thank you for the honor.”