MLB Rumors: Texas Rangers Keeping Tabs On Seiya Suzuki

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Ernesto Cova

The Texas Rangers were the most aggressive team during the first couple of days of free agency.

And, while committing $500 million in just two players hasn't always been a winning formula in Major League Baseball, the Rangers still have plenty of cash to spare.

They had one of the lowest payrolls in the Majors last season and, albeit it's unlikely that they sign any other star, they can still fill some of the gaps on their roster with what's left on the market.

Rangers Want To Sign Seiya Suzuki

But even if they don't spend big bucks, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reports that they could still end up with one of the most promising players to make the trip to the U.S. in recent years: Seiya Suzuki.

"They like him. I think with Seager/Semien on board, the price point the Rangers are looking at for an outfielder has perhaps dropped a notch. It probably takes them out of talks for Nicholas Castellanos, Michael Conforto and probably Kris Bryant. But Suzuki, who will probably cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $65-70 million (including posting fee) for five years, or Kyle Schwarber, who might be a shorter-term deal, might be potential fits," read the report.

Seiya Suzuki: The Next Big Thing From Japan

Suzuki has drawn plenty of interest around the league over the past couple of years, being younger than players like Shogo Akiyama and Yoshi Tsutsugo and drawing comparisons to Hideki Matsui.

The Hiroshima Carp star is a powerful hitter who doesn't strike out often and who's not a defensive liability. Also, he could fill one of their biggest needs in the outfield.

Even if it takes him a while to make the transition and adapt to MLB's velocity, he's expected to be a valuable contributor right out of the gate.

Multiple Teams Want To Sign Him

Needless to say, the Rangers will face plenty of competition to try and sign the Japanese star, with most teams from the AL East trying to lure him as well:

"Reports have already indicated that a trio of AL East clubs — Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays — are among the most interested parties," reported MLB Trade Rumors.

Once the MLB lockout ends and free agency resumes, this promises to be one of the most entertaining bidding wars in the league.

Can The Rangers Turn Things Around?

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It'll take a lot to turn the Rangers around right away but they're getting right on track. Even so, team president Jon Daniels knows that it'll take more than just a couple of players to get the job done:

“We're not looking to solve one player to be the finishing piece," Daniels said, per "But we're looking for players that can be part of helping to turn this around and really launch us to where we want to go and also that can help our young players develop as they get up here."

Hopefully, this will motivate other bottom feeders to start spending and bringing competitiveness back to the game.