Ariana Grande's Team on 'The Voice' Reveal What She's Really Like

Ariana Grande
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Lindsay Cronin

Ariana Grande has established quite a stellar team on The Voice.

After joining the NBC competition series earlier this year for its fall season, the singer and actress was able to gather up a variety of singers of all ages with above average talent. And, as the series nears its end, those contestants are speaking out.

During an interview with PEOPLE last month, the women and men of the show revealed what Grande is really like behind the scenes of the long-running hit show.

Holly Forbest

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"The most unexpected thing about Ariana, to me, is just how big her heart is," Holly Forbes told the magazine. "You know, she's always checking on us. We got the chance to meet some her close family members and friends, and she's so loving to everyone."

"People might have opinions on her, and I didn't know how she'd be as a person at first, but she's just incredible. It was unexpected to meet someone of her celebrity status who is so real and kind," she added.

The Voice

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Raquel Trinidad

Raquel Trinidad made similar statements to the outlet, saying that she was "pleasantly surprised about how ridiculously friendly Ariana is — to the point where we're getting texts from her."

"We talk to her like she's been a friend for years," Trinidad said.

According to Trinidad, she actually texts the singer from time to time.

"I can text her and say, 'Hey, does this sound good?' She's so honest with us, and she'll tell us, 'We need to fix this.' I really did not expect to make such a lifelong friend," she shared.

Perfection Not Expected

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Ryleigh Plank, meanwhile, has learned good lessons from Grande, including how to accept "imperfection."

"She's really opened my eyes to be less critical of myself," Plank said. "I love to explore and push the envelope, but sometimes when you do those things, you don't always get it perfect. But she's made such a wonderful environment for that exact thing. I am really grateful for that amount of realness that she's brought to the show."

Sasha Allen said he "can't put into words the way she cares about us."

Team Feels 'Blessed'

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"It's all so comfortable with her," he continued. "She's so incredibly caring about our vocal health, our song choices and our experiences in life. She's also so hilarious, and she's so much fun to be around. I think all of team Ariana can agree that we are so, so lucky that she turned for us and that we chose her, 'cause she's a phenomenal person."

Bella DeNapoli also weighed in, saying, "None of us expected her to be just like one us."

"So it's really awesome. Again, her heart, her hilarious humor and her belief in us as artists makes us really blessed and lucky," she gushed.

To see more of Grande and her team, don't miss new episodes of The Voice on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.