Predicting Where The Latest WWE Releases Will Go

Tony Battalio

On November 18th, 2021, WWE made another huge batch of releases, this time is mostly all top stars. This has become a trend in the WWE over the last two years as a company that is making record profits keeps saying "Budget Cuts" is the reason for the releases. WWE has been widely criticized for some of these choices, especially Hit Row who was just called up to the main roster. Also released were John Morrison and Tegan Nox, among many others. It will be interesting to see where these wrestlers end up after their no-compete clauses expire.

John Morrison

The first entry on this list is "Johnny Drip Drip" this one comes as a bit of a shock because he was expected to feud with former tag team partner The Miz and turn face for the first time since his return to the company a few years ago. Morrison's pure athletic talent and wrestling ability will be an asset to whichever company he ends up with. All signs point to him returning to Impact Wrestling alongside his wife Taya Valkyrie. He and his wife are sure to return to the main event spots they occupied before leaving the promotion.

Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox looked destined for success under the WWE Developmental banner NXT until several injuries kept her sidelined for a long period of time. When she was finally called up to the main roster she formed a tag team with Shotzi Blackheart and started competing in the Woman's Tag Team Division. They were split up in the 2021 WWE draft and not long after Tegan was released from her contract. Nox will likely turn up in AEW as she is a great wrestler and will bolster a growing and improving AEW Women's Division. She could also go to Impact and help out there with Impacts great division.

Hit Row


This one comes as the most shocking of the group as Hit Row was just called up to the WWE Main Roster less than a month ago after a great run in NXT. Every single member of the faction was released. Isiah Swerve Scott being the most athletic and impressive wrestler in the group is destined for great things in AEW in most people's minds. While Top Dolla AJ Francis may have burned that bridge with his recent shots at the Young Bucks and AEW owner Tony Khan. As for Adonis and B-Fab they may end up on the Indies.

Drake Maverick

This is not the first time Drake Maverick was released as last year he was let go and brought back where he went on an impressive run in NXT. Now, this is seemingly it after his second release and the amazing promotional video he dropped following the news. The former Rockstar Spud will likely make his way back to Impact Wrestling and reform his old tag team with Ethan Carter The Third. Maverick is a talented wrestler who is capable of delivering a good match with anyone else on the roster and will be fine no matter where he ends up.