Autopsy for Brian Laundrie Inconclusive, Cause of Death Still Unknown

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Autopsy results for Brian Laundrie have been released, with inconclusive results reports the New York Post. It is suspected that the results are inconclusive due to the location of the skeletal remains, and lack of soft tissue due to weather and other elements in the location where 23-year-old Brian Laundrie was found this week.

His bones will now be sent to a forensic anthropologist who will attempt to determine the cause of death. Steve Bertolino, attorney for the Laundrie family, told the New York Post that, “no manner or cause of death was determined.”

Twenty-two year-old Gabby Petito has also been sent to a forensic anthropologist for further examination reports the New York Post.

Where Brian Laundrie Was Found

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The remains of Brian Laundrie were found in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in Florida this week. The park is home to alligators and pigs, and the remains were found underwater.

With the remains were a dry backpack. Inside the backpack was a wet notebook reports CTV News. The FBI confirmed Thursday that the remains were Brian Laundrie. He had been missing for over one month, after Gabby Petito was reported missing by her family on September 11. Gabby was later found strangled, and buried in Wyoming near Grand Teton National Park.


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Steven Bertolino Alerts Law Enforcement

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Steven Bertolino said Thursday that Chris and Roberta Laundrie, parents of Brian, had asked to go to the Environmental Park on Wednesday. He said, “My understanding was it either open to the public on Tuesday or Wednesday, and Chris and Roberta decided that since it was open…they wanted to go and look for Brian by themselves.” Bertolino said that he wanted to let law enforcement know that was happening, “so what we would have no issue.”

At the time, Brian Laundrie was wanted on an indictment for using debit cards that were not his. He was also a person of interest in the Gabby Petito murder.

The Laundrie Family

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The Laundrie family has been vilified by the public watching this case unfold. Florida law enforcement and the FBI have been looking for Brian Laundrie since Gabby Petito was found.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie went on a long-term road trip together that was expected to last several months. They left in June 2021.

Brian Laundrie was wanted on an indictment for debit card use during the last week of August 2021. He returned home from the trip alone on Sept. 1, 2021. Gabby Petito’s family reported her missing on September 11.

Brian Laundrie disappeared from his parent’s home on September 13, 2021, and has been missing since. Gabby was found on September 18. When the Laundrie family lawyer Steven Bertolino was first asked if Brian had told his family anything about Gabby, Bertolino replied, “Not something I can comment on right now.”

The Independent reports that after Brian’s disappearance, police had put a camera in a garbage bin to watch the home. There were also cameras reportedly installed in the backyards of neighbors.

North Police in Florida confirmed that surveillance cameras had been installed before and after he was reported missing on September 13.

The Gabby Petito “Incident”

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Attorney for the Laundrie family Steven Bertolino has not maintained Brian Laundrie’s innocence since his disappearance, however he has stated that the family has cooperated with the FBI “from day one.” He also referred to the murder as “the Gabby Petito incident.”

He has also said that the family did not help Brian Laundrie evade law enforcement. The New York Post says that he said, “this is tragic for two families. And anybody with a child, and anybody with a sense of humanity can understand the frustration that both families feel on that point.”

Rick Stafford, attorney for the Petito-Schmidt family says the family will not be making any statements until they are “emotionally ready.”