Adele's Extreme Weight Loss Method 'Not Advisable', Per Doctors

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Rebecca Cukier

Adele, fresh from revealing an extreme weight loss method that helped her drop 100 pounds, now sees medical experts warning against it. The British superstar singer made 2020 headlines for reports she'd shed the staggering amount of weight, with fall 2021 seeing her open up on it via a high-profile Vogue feature.

Adele, 33, admitted that she got "addicted" to exercise as she battled anxiety - the "Rolling in the Deep" singer was exercising two to three times per day.

Bombshell Weight Loss Interview

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Scroll for photos after the weight loss. Adele told the magazine that "it was because of my anxiety. Working out, I would just feel better. It was never about losing weight, it was always about becoming strong and giving myself as much time every day without my phone. I got quite addicted to it. I work out two or three times a day."

The feature came with photos flaunting the star's slimmed-down figure, this as she stunned in a plunging Vivienne Westwood corset.


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See The Weight Loss Transformation Below

The Grammy winner, who has largely garnered praise for getting her health on track, did not garner the full applause from medics interviewed by Indian Express, though.

“Such intense workout regime is usually followed by athletes, who are used to it. If a normal individual works out 2-3 times, the body may not be able to bear it due to wear and tear of the muscles," Dr. Abhishek Subhash, Consultant Internal Medicine at Bhatia Hospital said. See the shocking transformation below.

It Puts 'Pressure On The Heart'


While cardio is key for daily heart health and the top way to burn calories effectively, it doesn't appear to be universally "good for you."

"Many times, extreme exercising puts extreme pressure on the cardiovascular system and may sometimes lead to heart damage, cause enlarged arteries or even heart rhythm disorders," Dr. Richa Kulkarni, chief consulting physiotherapist at Kinesis Sports Rehab added - they also recommended no more than five hours of moderate exercise per week (or 2.5 hours of intense exercise).

She Reveals Boxing And Hiking

Adele, who also touched on her music and her divorce as she spoke to Vogue, detailed her choice of exercise. The blonde revealed: “I do my weights in the morning, then I normally hike or I box in the afternoon, and then I go and do my cardio at night. I was basically unemployed when I was doing it. And I do it with trainers.”

The singer made no mention of diet. Also known for her 100-pound weight loss is 41-year-old actress and fashion mogul Jessica Simpson.