Cindy Crawford Shares 'Gratitude' Jacuzzi Soaks At 6.30 A.M.

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Rebecca Cukier

Cindy Crawford is revealing a self-care practice that centers around "gratitude" and begins at 6.30 a.m. The 55-year-old supermodel admitted being lucky that she lives by the ocean while speaking to The Wall Street Journal recently, but it wasn't a sea soak the legendary fashion face was referring to as she revealed twice-daily Jacuzzi indulgences that keep her sane. Cindy said that she relaxes in the hot tub brand's equipment together with husband Rande Gerber, and there are photos. Check it out below.

Self-Care Soak


Scroll for photos. Crawford had shared a moment from her circular and ocean-facing Jacuzzi back in June 2020, with the sun-drenched snap seeing her solo and backed by idyllic lapping waves as she hung around the tub's edge and with closed eyes. "Perfect end of the day," the catwalk queen had written, but it turns out the kicks the day off with a wellness soak, too.

"I usually take two [soaks] a day: the one at 6:30 in the morning is my gratitude soak because I’m by myself and the birds are chirping," she revealed.

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Crawford, a mother to 19-year-old rising supermodel Kaia Gerber, then referenced her star sign, adding:

"I’m a Pisces, and warm water is definitely my thing. It’s so restorative. With a jacuzzi, I think, if you amortize it, it saves money because it’s therapy." The second soak of the day is, per Cindy, enjoyed with 1998-married husband Rande: "For the later one before dinner my husband will come in with me, so it’s our time to catch up and just enjoy the sunset."

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Cindy's self-care practices are now also a source of income for her as she runs her Meaningful Beauty line, one that's in demand for anyone wondering how the star doesn't appear to have aged since her 1992 Pepsi commercial.

“I have learned that [skincare is] like working out. You work out once—you don't really see a big difference. But if you work out regularly for years, you do. I think skincare is the same way," she told Women's Health. More photos below.

Pandemic Fasting

Also addressed as Cindy opened up on her ageless good looks was how she keeps her figure in sensational shape. Cindy is a fan of intermittent fasting, a philosophy also employed by 51-year-old singer Jennifer Lopez and 52-year-old sitcom star Jennifer Aniston.

Cindy said it requires her "not to eat after 8' or before '10 the next morning." The hiking enthusiast and bike ride lover added that “looking good is about eating right, getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water."