Chelsea Handler Rocks Cannabis Bikini In The Snow

Gettyimages | Neilson Barnard

Treva Bowdoin

Chelsea Handler showed off her marijuana leaf-print bikini in a setting that didn't seem appropriate for swimwear. She was surrounded by snow, so she was clearly cold. However, she didn't let the low temperatures stop her from stripping down while she admired a majestic waterfall.  

It's no secret that the 46-year-old comedian and talk show host is a fan of toking up — earlier this year, Chelsea teamed up with two dispensaries to curate a collection of cannabis products in celebration of Joe Biden's presidential win. In her latest IG post, she wore her love of laughing grass on her chest.  

Chelsea Loves Weed & Waterfalls 

Keep scrolling on down to see Chelsea sprint while rocking her sticky icky print. 

Chelsea explained that encountering a waterfall really makes her want to smoke a spliff.  

"When I see a waterfall I grab my cannabis and run towards it," her post's caption read. 

However, in the series of pics that she shared, she didn't appear to have any weed in her hands. Instead, she grabbed the cups of her cannabis leaf-print bikini as she ran toward a wall of dark rock with water cascading down its icy surface. 


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Chelsea's Cheeky & Chilly Dash


Chelsea was surrounded by snow. In her first photo, there appeared to be a snowsuit lying on the ground behind her. She smiled as she stretched her arms up over her head, and she looked unbothered by the cold even though her belly was completely exposed to the elements. 

She also had on a pair of gray sweatpants. However, for her second snapshot, she pulled them down to show off her bikini bottoms' cheeky back. She was captured running toward the waterfall with her buns partially bared. 

Chelsea Suffered An Accident During Her Ski Trip 

As reported by People, Chelsea has been enjoying a long vacation at the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort in British Columbia, Canada. While there, she stripped down and posed in the snow with nothing but three books to cover her body. 

Chelsea was using Instagram to show off her impressive skiing skills, but she had to stop hitting the slopes when disaster struck. The funnywoman revealed that she ran into a tree during one of her outings, and she feared that she had a torn meniscus and two broken toes.

Queen Amidala Is Impressed 

A few Oscar-winning celebrities responded to the skiing pot smoker's latest IG post, including Star Wars actress Natalie Portman. She awarded Chelsea's frosty bikini photos with three heart-eye emoji, while Charlize Theron's emoji of choice was the flame in triplicate. Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson was a fan of the comedian's bathing suit. 

"I want bikini," she wrote.

While Chelsea might enjoy her sin spinach enough to rock a swimsuit that pays tribute to it, she wants to make it clear that she is not your stereotypical lazy stoner. 

“You’re not a stoner just because you get high; do you know how much s**t I get done?” she said during a launch party for a Canndescent vape pen, as per The Hollywood Reporter.