Courtney Hope Sizzles In Nude & Black Lingerie: 'Happy Valentines Weekend Loves'

Rachel Dillin

Soap opera and Quantum Break star Courtney Hope treated her Instagram followers to a whole mood for Valentine's Day weekend.

In the image, Courtney lay on her side on a wooden floor. A blue upholstered chair and a shelf with books sat in the background. The actress remained the focus of the photo, though. She rested her head on one arm and placed her other hand under it, showing off her fit shoulder and arm. Courtney's long red hair was in soft waves and it flowed over her arms and onto the floor. She had one knee in front of her other leg, creating a pleasing shape for her hips, emphasizing their curves, her toned legs, and her slender waist.

Courtney wore a black-and-nude striped bralette with black trim. It consisted of two triangles connected by a band that wrapped around her rib cage. The undergarment revealed her cleavage, though just a peek was visible due to her pose. She paired the top with matching panties that consisted of a piece of fabric in the middle, protecting her modesty with two straps that rose over both hips. The center dipped down, revealing her flat tummy. She stared straight into the lens with her green eyes, her full red lips closed in a small smile.

"There she is!! The sexiest, most gorgeous, stunning, beautiful woman on the entire planet," declared one devotee along with a flame, heart, and red heart-eye emoji.

"Wow! I want your Body! Gorgeous! Enjoy your holiday weekend! Cheers," a second fan enthused, adding a wine glass, flames, hearts, and a winking smiley to their words.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Courtney!! WOW!!! Looking beautiful as always!!" wrote a third user, who used a flame and a rose to complete their message.

"OMG! It's been a while since you blessed us with pics like this. I'm here for it, Courtney! I am so glad to see it. You are absolutely beautiful," a fourth follower replied, including a row of flames, lips, and hearts.

The actress regularly posts on her social media and she often showcases her fit physique in a variety of cute outfits and the occasional workout or lingerie shot. The Inquisitr previously reported that she wore fishnets, a zippered miniskirt, and a cropped top last fall for a boyfriend appreciation post.