Former FBI Official Involved In Capitol Riot Reportedly Had ‘Death List’

An indictment of former FBI official Thomas Caldwell — who is charged with conspiracy linked to the January 6 Capitol riot — revealed that law enforcement found a “death list” in his home, Raw Story reported.

“On January 19, law enforcement searched Caldwell’s residence pursuant to a search warrant issued in the Western District of Virginia. One record law enforcement recovered was a document entitled, ‘Death List,'” the Department of Justice indictment read.

“Handwritten on the document was the name of an election official from another state.”

The indictment also claimed that agents uncovered $750 in ammunition, a flag that resembled a mix of the American and Christopher Gadsden flags, and what appeared to be a “concealed firearm intentionally built to look like a cell phone.”

As The Inquisitr reported, Caldwell is a Navy veteran who worked as an FBI section chief from 2009 to 2010. He also ran a consulting firm that conducted work for various American federal agencies. He is accused of helping organize eight to 10 people — allegedly armed in tactical gear — to guide the crowd of rioters into the Capitol during the storming of the building. After infiltrating the building, Caldwell purportedly received a Facebook message from someone that notified him of the location of the U.S. lawmakers.

Caldwell denies being a member of Oath Keepers or entering the Capitol. Per the Tampa Bay Times, his lawyer said he is a disabled veteran who suffered multiple complications from service-linked injuries, including back, knee, and shoulder issues.

Per WUSA9, Caldwell is facing a conspiracy charge along with alleged Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins. According to Justice Department lawyers, the pair organized a plot to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory.

“Watkins and her co-conspirators formed a subset of the most extreme insurgents that plotted then tried to execute a sophisticated plan to forcibly stop the results of a Presidential Election from taking effect. And she did this in coordination and in concert with virulently anti-government militia members.”

In addition to Oath Keepers, members of the right-wing extremist group Proud Boys have also been arrested for conspiracy in connection to the riots.

Previously revealed FBI evidence showed that some Donald Trump supporters coordinated the attack on the Capitol. Notably, one map posted online showed a map of Congress, including the tunnels connecting the complex and locations for supporters to meet.

Investigators are allegedly in the process of determining which people attended the political rally with the intention of carrying out an assault on the American government.

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