Hilde Osland Shows Out In Skintight Jeans & Curve-Enhancing Bra

Ryan Aston

Model, singer and social media star Hilde Osland may be nearing the final stages of her pregnancy, but she continues to bring the heat on Instagram. On Wednesday morning, the 33-year-old ignited her timeline with a stunning snapshot that proved once again that her baby bump has in no way affected her ability to break hearts.

In the uploaded photo, Osland put her pert derrière on full display in a pair of skintight jeans that were made to mimic the look of a snug pair of jeans. She further raised temperatures by sporting a sexy, scarlet-hued bra that only just managed to conceal the more intimate areas of her perky bustline.

Osland captioned the share by joking that she had only narrowly managed to squeeze into her jeans. She also tagged Freddy WR.UP as the maker of the formfitting bottoms.

Regardless of the ease with which she was able to get into the garment, her fans were clearly enthralled by the way they looked on her lissome legs and taut, yet shapely posterior. In just a matter of hours after appearing on her profile, the picture had racked up well over 50,000 likes.

Meanwhile, the comments section was abuzz with admirers offering shoutouts.

"Just when I thought I was out. You pull me right back in!!" one enamored commenter wrote.

"Most beautiful woman in the world!" another devotee declared. "And that pregnancy glow."

"Amazing," a third Instagram user raved. "What every guy dreams of seeing on Valentine's."

"@hildeee you look so beautiful in every photo," a fourth follower opined.

The one-time Idol Norway contestant held a pink rose to her face as she twisted her upper body just enough to allow her to peer at the camera from over her shoulder. Her parted, mauve-colored lips and piercing eyes combined to project sheer sex appeal as she focused on the device's lens with a suggestive expression on her face.

All the while, the size and shape of her prominent bust was well-evidenced on her right side, as were the curves and contours of her midsection and booty in the aforementioned jeans.

Earlier this week, Osland ignited her social media with a series of throwback snaps in which she flaunted her bombshell curves in a variety of alluring outfits.