Ana Cheri Showcases Ample Bosom In Semi-Sheer Top For Electrifying Close-Up

Ryan Aston

Model and social media siren Ana Cheri is a master of using her pose to entice the 12.6 million people who follow her on Instagram. She was at it again on Tuesday afternoon, updating her tempting timeline with another in a long line of eye-popping pictures to impress the masses.

The 34-year-old showcased her ample bosom in the close-up snapshot, appearing before the camera in a semi-sheer top that excelled in accentuating her assets. In addition, the breathtaking brunette served up an extra dose of eye candy by putting her picturesque face and awe-inspiring glow-up on full display in the share.

Cheri used the caption to reveal all that had gone into giving her the seemingly flawless face that was documented. In doing so, she listed off everything from the products used for her lips, lashes and rosy cheeks to the makeup artists who helped bring it all together.

She also described her own appearance using the hashtag #buxombabe.

The Playboy alum's fans were clearly enthralled by the uniquely alluring presentation, double-tapping Cheri's photo to the tune of 30,000-plus likes in less than an hour. Moreover, they bombarded the comments section with a myriad of love declarations.

"Always so gorgeous and very beautiful Ana," one smitten supporter wrote. "Such a stunning photo."

"The most beautiful female on Instagram," a second devotee declared, adding fire emoji for emphasis.

"OMG," a third follower raved. "You're too stunning boo."

"Angel," fellow model and influencer Desiree Schlotz appraised.

Cheri peered directly at the camera's lens with her brilliant brown eyes, which scintillated in the light as she did so. So, too, did her chocolate-hued mane, which she grasped between both hands at the top of her head. The Southern California product projected sheer confidence and rare sex appeal as she posed by flashing an impish grin with her plump, mauve-colored lips, which were similarly glossy.

Just below her dainty neck and bare shoulders, Cheri's perky bustline was covered by a frilly white top that featured a repeating pattern of solid circles atop a semi-sheer mesh fabric.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Cheri brought the heat late last week with a full-motion update that showed her baring her booty beneath a sheer dress.