Bri Teresi Rocks Shredded Jean Shorts And Nothing Else In Steamy Polaroid

Ryan Aston

Guess girl Bri Teresi has upped the ante on her popular Instagram profile in recent weeks, inundating her timeline with ultra-revealing pictures on a daily basis. The 26-year-old was at it again on Saturday, bringing the heat to her 1.2 million followers on the platform with a steamy throwback snap that left little to the imagination.

In the photo update, which came in the form of a grainy Polaroid, Teresi was captured from behind in a pair of jean shorts that were so shredded, little was left to actually cover her. While the garment excelled in putting her famously cheeky posterior front and center, fans were also treated to a stunning shot of sideboob as the Auburn, California native posed sans top.

Teresi credited one of her frequent collaborators -- Los Angeles-based photographer and digital artist Jentrie Bentley -- for framing and shooting her in the accompanying caption. She also made a joke about having forgotten to wear a top.

Fans definitely weren't taking issue with her forgetfulness or the scanty attire that resulted from it though, as they descended upon the comments section en masse with words of affection.

"You're so sexy," gushed one commenter, who added a slew of emoji to their message for emphasis.

"Oh wow Bri," a second supporter wrote. "Baby you definitely have my attention."

"Want me to hand you a towel?" quipped another admirer.

"Hot body lady," a fourth follower praised. "You are looking good."

The upward, rear-view angle of the shot put a proverbial spotlight on her sculpted assets, which were largely left uncovered save for the small patch of torn, blue fabric that separated them. Just above her jean shorts, Teresi's slender waist and bare back were twisting slightly as she reached for the railing with her free hand.

As if the positioning of her body and her high level of undress in the shot weren't enough to rile fans, Teresi further raised temperatures by firing a seductive stare toward the camera.

One day earlier, Teresi was similarly scorching in an update that found her lighting up the links in a daring miniskirt and cleavage-baring top.