Marjorie Taylor Greene Is A ‘Trump Accomplice Who Belongs In Prison,’ Commentator Says

In the lead-up to the House of Representatives’ Thursday vote on a measure to remove Republican Party Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments, commentator Scott Dworkin took to Twitter to criticize the controversial freshman congresswoman.

“Just to be clear Marjorie Taylor Greene’s a trump accomplice who belongs in prison, not in Congress. Removing her from Committees is the bare minimum,” he tweeted.

As reported by CNN, Greene is facing scrutiny for extreme comments she made before being elected to Congress. In one instance, she appeared to support a Facebook post that suggested the hanging of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Amid the controversy over the comment, the former secretary of state argued that the congresswoman should be on a law enforcement watch list instead of being allowed to serve in the American government.

Dworkin, who is the co-founder and executive director of The Democratic Coalition, has openly supported Greene’s removal from her committee positions. In a tweet, he accused the lawmaker of being insincere during her Thursday defense on the lower chamber floor.

“She sounded sincere at first, then started ranting. Greene’s literally trying to validate and use a ‘both sides’ argument about QAnon. From the House floor. This rant is more proof Greene must be removed then expelled.”

The GOP congresswoman has also faced condemnation from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, CTV News reported.

Others have been more critical of the Democratic push against Greene. In a recent tweet, GOP Rep. Thomas Massie notably called the resolution against the lawmaker “ludicrous” for two reasons.

“1. It fails to mention any specific infraction she has allegedly committed. 2. It quotes a rule that applies to members, not to citizens.”

Per BNN Bloomberg, Greene walked back some of her past comments ahead of Thursday’s vote. During her speech on the House floor, the congresswoman backpedaled on her support of QAnon, her questioning of the September 11 terrorist attacks, and her claims of false flag school shootings.

Still, the publication noted that Greene did not fully retract her past statements or apologize for them. The lawmaker also claimed there would be a “real big problem” if Congress wants to “condemn” and “crucify” words she said used in the “public square.”

The Georgia representative previously defended her controversial Facebook posts by claiming that they were managed by multiple teams over the years. She also said that not all of the posts represented her current views — especially the ones being circulated by media outlets.

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