Ralph Nader Says Mitch McConnell Might Vote To Convict Donald Trump To Save GOP

In an op-ed for Common Dreams, former presidential candidate Ralph Nader speculated that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell might be planning to “break” with Donald Trump for the sake of the Republican Party.

Notably, Nader used his piece to predict what McConnell is currently thinking in the lead-up to the next week’s Senate trial on the article of impeachment against Trump.

“We should break completely with Trump and his uncontrollable, delusional, hardcore extremists dedicated to ‘civil war,’ that the Department of Homeland Security has deemed the ‘leading domestic terrorist’ threat,” he wrote.

“He wouldn’t be able to run again. We won’t be bullied, intimated, and lied about every day in order to push us toward these political militias and their crude, violent talk and actions by acquitting Trump. We can’t be the ‘law and order’ Party if we don’t accept that ‘no one is above the law.'”

As The Inquisitr reported, McConnell is allegedly fearful of corporate America’s response to the Capitol riots, which pushed many of the largest corporate GOP donors to sever ties with lawmakers who continued to oppose President Joe Biden’s victory after the riots.

Nader used his op-ed to highlight these “frightened corporate CEOs” and pointed to a recent New York Times article that spotlighted FBI investigations into some GOP legislators.

“Such is the swirling mind of Mitch McConnell these days,” Nader wrote at the conclusion of his piece.

The former candidate claimed that the increasing evidence linked to Trump’s “attempted election coup” and potential incriminating oath testimony of the trial means that McConnell and his Republican colleagues should vote for Trump’s conviction out of political self-interest.

Regardless of whether McConnell ends up convicting Trump, he has recently made several significant breaks from members of his party. As noted by Richard N. Bond in an op-ed for CNN, the lawmaker blamed the real estate mogul for inciting the storming of the U.S. Capitol, praised Rep. Liz Cheney for voting to impeach Trump again, and appeared to condemn former QAnon supporter and freshman GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene without naming her.

According to Bond, McConnell’s recent breaks are due to his freedom from Trump’s power as well as a political calculation that he now has his last chance to lead the GOP away from Greene and the former U.S. leader. At the end of his piece, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee encouraged McConnell to ensure that his coalition votes to convict Trump and ban him from holding public office again.

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