Donald Trump Makes First Public Comments Since Leaving Office

On Friday, former President Donald Trump made his first public remarks since leaving the White House and being replaced by Democrat Joe Biden.

A reporter with The Washington Examiner approached Trump at his golf club in Florida and inquired about his future plans. The president was cagey and made a cryptic comment.

“We’ll do something, but not just yet,” he told the reporter as he dined with a group of friends. An aide reportedly intervened, abruptly ending the interaction.

Around the same time, top Democrats in the House of Representatives announced that they will send an article of impeachment to the Senate on Monday.

The lower chamber impeached Trump last week, accusing him of inciting the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol. The riots exploded after the former president allegedly instructed his supporters to storm the building and stop the certification of Biden’s win.

It remains unclear if the evenly divided Senate will vote to convict, but Democrats have made it clear that they intend to push for measures that would bar the Republican from ever holding office again.

Trump has indicated that he would be willing to run for the White House again in four years. He has also reportedly considered setting up the Patriot Party, a new political organization that would seek to upend the two party system and challenge the GOP from the right.

Trump reportedly brought a small staff with him to Florida, but his future plans remain a mystery, even to those in the know.

“He needs a break. I think we all hope he just plays golf for a month, but he always has to be on the go,” a person close to him said earlier this week.

Carl Domino, who has been a member of Trump’s club since it opened in 1999, told The Washington Examiner that he expects the former commander-in-chief to spend the next several months meditating on his final weeks in office.

Domino described Trump as a “very unpredictable guy,” suggesting that nobody really knows what his plans are.

“Many locals are hoping he will lead a quiet life. Trump’s arrival has split the Palm Beach community, much like the rest of the country, between those who want to make his life a misery with a flurry of lawsuits and those who hope he eases into a gentle life of sunshine and golf.”

Trump left office with with the lowest job approval rating of his presidency. In a Pew Research Center poll conducted January 8-12, only 29 percent of respondents said that they approve of the job he has done.

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