Former ‘Bachelor’ Star Ryan Sutter Speaks About ‘Resiliency’ Amidst Ongoing Health Struggles

Former Bachelor star Ryan Sutter spoke about the topic of resiliency amidst his ongoing health struggles in a raw Instagram post. He opened up about the impact of a mysterious health battle he has been experiencing this year. He also posted a grainy black-and-white photograph where the former reality star and husband of Trista tilted his face downward and wore a wool beanie atop his head.

In the caption of the post seen here, Ryan shared his thoughts about how he has handled the challenges that have presented themselves to him and his family as well as how he has attempted to remain strong while learning to accept help when needed.

Ryan wrote he had learned a lot about resiliency this year. For years, he had followed an ideal laid out by Gandhi that strength was measured by an indomitable will.

One half of the first superstar Bachelorette couple said that he pushed himself to develop a mindset that would not give up, give in, or give off any sign of weakness. Ryan said that he chose to do this mostly on his own and used solitude as his practice ground. He wrote that although he had breakdowns, few ever saw them. Instead, Ryan revealed he internalized difficulty and distracted himself from its presence through physical exertion.

Up until this year, the aforementioned method had always worked for him, per his caption.

While he still has belief and value in a strong will and self-reliance, Ryan now realizes that sometimes those things can be considered “romantic excuses” for stubbornness. He shared there are times when it is necessary to let others in, to ask for help, and to accept it.

Ryan only addressed his health issues once in the passage, saying his struggle brought on this realization.

Once he saw his weaknesses exposed, he realized that he was no longer alone in his struggle.

Ryan cited Trista as having a “mission” and developing a medical strategy and path toward answers while at the same time leaving daily reminder notes to keep his spirits up. He noted his clan had rallied behind him, and he had received tremendous support from friends and colleagues.

Fans of the beloved former reality television star shared their feelings regarding this raw admission.

“God’s strength shores you up when you don’t have enough left,” claimed one fan.

“You are truly loved by your family and others. May 2021 bring you strength and above all, answers,” wrote a second follower.

“Thank you for sharing! I hope you get to feeling better soon. A good wife is a rare gem!!” penned a third Instagram user.

“Thanks for sharing your transparency while going through this situation. Your actions hopefully will help others,” remarked a fourth fan.

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