‘The Bachelorette’ Viewers Express Their Frustration On Twitter Over Tayshia Adams’ Season

Viewers of The Bachelorette expressed their anger on Twitter over Tayshia Adams’ season. It started with a tweet from show host Chris Harrison regarding the absence of the show’s traditional “After the Final Rose” ceremony. Tayshia, who became engaged to Zac Clark in the final episode, entered the competition to fill a hole left by Clare Crawley, who fell in love with contestant Dale Moss early on and chose to leave as the lead of the show.

The backlash began after Chris Harrison shared his thoughts on the absence of the live special (which traditionally airs after the finale) due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In his tweet, the host wrote that it pained him that there was no live special. He expressed his hope that this beloved franchise tradition would return in time for The Bachelor, starring Matt James, which will air beginning January 4 on ABC.

In a string of tweets that followed Chris’ comment, fans lashed out at the series for not giving the gorgeous 30-year-old what they believed was a full shot at finding love instead of the rush of an abbreviated experience.

“Tayshia deserves better than this. she should have had a full season not the scraps left over,” one fan tweeted.

“YES! She had to pretend to be excited about stupid sh*t like scooters & ice baths, had a fantasy date in a tin can, got no travel, had to pretend a pool was an ocean, do tons of outdoor filming in 900 degree temps, only got 3 men actually chosen for her- the list goes on and on,” a second viewer wrote on Twitter.

One of the scenes in the last episode that generated the most commentary was conflict over the difference in religious beliefs of Ivan Hall and Tayshia, as seen above.

Fans seemed to be confused over his dismissal as the two appeared to have a lot in common. They connected over their mixed racial identity and other important topics, which led fans to believe Ivan might be the man for Tayshia. However, when she pulled him aside during the finale and they discussed their religious differences, it appeared the topic was one that would likely keep them apart in their relationship moving forward, and he was sent home.

“Our household was completely confused about the religious talk that came up between Tasha and Ivan. Like, what? Was this ever discussed on air before and we missed it? It seemed to come out of left field,” tweeted a fan in a string of commentary regarding the topic.

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