Spoilers For ‘The Bachelorette’: Tayshia Adams Faces Her Fantasy Suite Dates, Heartbreak, & A Shocking Return

Monday on ABC’s The Bachelorette, spoilers tease that Tayshia Adams will face some tough decisions. The finale is set to air on Tuesday and viewers are anxious to see how this journey ends.

According to ABC, Tayshia will tackle the overnight fantasy suite dates with her final three men. One of those suitors will be quite anxious and he will open up about what he’s feeling. It sounds as if these revelations could end up turning everything upside down.

The network also teases that there is a bombshell surprise on the way for Tayshia. Supposedly, this concerns someone she can’t forget showing up to see her. Could this threaten her journey and her quest to final her lasting love?

The Bachelorette viewers will see both Rachel Lindsay and JoJo Fletcher lending Tayshia some advice and support throughout Monday’s show.

According to spoiler blogger Reality Steve, Ivan Hall’s time with Tayshia will be shown first. The two will share an ice bath for the daytime portion of their date. Not only that, but they will be challenged to break the record for the longest kiss while in an ice bath. Apparently, they will be successful.

During the evening, Ivan will seemingly tell Tayshia he’s falling in love with her. She’ll tell him she’s falling for him too, and they’ll spend the night with one another.

Zac Clark gets the second opportunity with Tayshia. The Bachelorette spoilers detail that they will paint one another, and he’ll tell her he’s in love with her in the evening. They, too, will spend the night together.

Brendan Morais’ date will be shown last, and a sneak peek of it was posted on the show’s Instagram page. At the beginning of their outing, they’ll try on Neil Lane rings. It sounds as if this may leave him flustered, and the experience leads to heartbreak a few hours later.

Reality Steve says that during the evening, Brendan admits that he has unresolved feelings tied to his divorce. The Bachelorette preview shows the two starting out dinner, and she’ll detail that she’s felt for a while she could see herself marrying him.

Brendan starts out saying that he has felt as if he could envision Tayshia being the mother of his children. Unfortunately, he then shifts gears and says that the past few days have been difficult for him. A heavy sigh follows, and Reality Steve says that Brendan eliminates himself at that point.

There had previously been teasers signaling this departure, but then the spoiler blogger acknowledged he wasn’t entirely sure how things played out. Now, it seems Brendan’s self-elimination does happen after all.

After this heartbreaking exit, Tayshia will talk with Rachel about her final two men. As The Bachelorette star prepares for the rose ceremony, Ben Smith shows up at her door. She cut him after hometowns, but he’s back to tell her he loves her.

The Bachelorette previews tease that she’ll be upset and talk with producers as she questions what she should do. It sounds as if Monday’s show ends at this point, with Ben sitting on the couch in Tayshia’s suite.

It certainly appears that emotions will be running high during the first part of this two-night finale. Does this Bachelorette get a happy ending or another round of heartbreak? Fans are certainly anxious to see what comes next.

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